Celtic has the money to fund Brendan Rodgers’ transfer plans this summer

Clearing the decks could be a sign of new arrivals. We can only hope.

There’s been plenty of movement on the transfer front at Celtic. Nothing unfortunately in the way of incomings, but in terms of outgoings with the likes of Sead Hakšabanović leaving, while the likes of Oh Hyeon-gyu, Gustaf Lagerbielke, Mikey Johnston, Ben Siegrist, and Yuki Kobayashi, all look likely to move on in the coming weeks.

So too does the young Celtic B team star Rocco Vata who looks like he’s opted for first team football at Watford rather than fighting for his place at Celtic.

Move outgoings likely at Celtic

 Oh Hyeongyu of Celtic celebrates scoring his team’s fourth goal during the Scottish Premiership match between Celtic FC and Hibs at Celtic Park on December 06, 2023. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Kwon will most probably be sent out on loan yet again, while his fellow countryman Yang may follow him on a temporarily secondment. Marco Tillio (remember him?) might be keen to extend his temporary exile in his native Australia, so it looks like Brendan is ruthlessly clearing the decks.

Then there’s the likes of Alexandro Bernabei, and of course the invisible man himself James McCarthy who are both surplus to requirements and eating up a big chunk of the wage bill. So they too might find themselves exiting Celtic Park over the coming months.

In McCarthy’s case Celtic should just bite the bullet and pay him off as he’s never going to kick a ball again for the club. Everyone knows that is the case so why delay the inevitable?

Celtic has the funds to back the manager properly

All this could be a clear indication that Brendan is paving the way for the arrival of the quality additions he badly craves.

We can only hope so, as it’s what is badly needed if we want to push on and remain successful on the domestic front, as well as compete more successfully on the European stage. Celtic’s reputation in European football has suffered long enough, it’s time for the club, with all that money in the bank, to do something about it by properly backing the manager.

If that is indeed what is happening then we are in for a very decent season ahead. Fingers crossed.

Just an Ordinary Bhoy

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  1. No big clubs carry a healthy bank balance like ours, they spend it on the team.
    Who wants to get hammered in the CL but able to brag about our bank balance?
    Answer: Pistol Pete Lawwell

  2. This stands to start becoming a massive issue, if new arrivals don’t start incoming shortly imo?
    With the potential money being raised on players, that aren’t within the plans of Rodgers, only adding to our transfer budget?
    And that’s without even selling Oreily.
    Along with sell on clauses that could be forthcoming from the likes of crimping?
    That’s on top of a transfer budget that must have been around the 25M mark, with the expansion of the CL?
    So overall, we could spend as much as 60M, taking Oreily is sold, and still have plenty left within the bank imo?
    Yet there has possibly been more rumours upon low and free transfers, than those of decent money been paid for the quality that’s still required for ourselves?
    Not expecting ourselves to be spending anything like 60M, but still believe that our biggest ever summer spend will be achieved eventually, before the window shuts?
    If not, then we are leaving ourselves wide open to be slaughtered at potentially CL level, along with all the scum cheerleaders in the Scottish media?
    All that with the usual support against the board regarding spending, which is becoming the yearly event within our club?
    Are we going to be a bit more adventurous in actually signing players over the 5M, instead of this loan to buy that has been in operation for the past 2 years now?
    If we are going to be serious about CL football next season, then serious investment is still required for our squad at present imo?
    Personally believe that we require about 7 players to get ourselves up to the 25man squad, that’s required imo?
    So potentially spending 40M on 7 players shouldn’t be out of the question, taken Oreily is actually sold? Especially when it’s a requirement for ourselves with CL in mind, and more importantly that it’s affordable to ourselves also?
    Yet the chances of that actually happening remain very slim at best imo?
    So it’s all well and good with the piss taking regarding the scum, but for many like myself, they are fairly irrelevant to where we should be aiming to be heading within our club imo?

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