Make some Noise for the Bhoys Celtic

Make some noise for the Bhoys. Proposed new Standing section is welcome news.

Bhoys Celtic set for own safe standing area

News broke last night via our sister site The Celtic Star, that our club have asked for planning permission to install another standing section in Paradise. If permission is granted this will be located within section 122. That area is mainly occupied by Bhoys Celtic and is the area Celtic want to be fitted with rail seating similar to section 111, home of the Green Brigade.

If it goes through it will be a boost to the match day experience in Paradise. The Bhoys Celtic group already add to the atmosphere, in that section, but the rail seating will make it all the better, as we have seen previously over at the North Curve.

Celtic End Proposal

A proposed ‘Celtic End’ in the Jock Stein lower was proposed by supporters not so long ago, but logistics appear to make that impossible, for the time being anyway. But this new plan for more rail seating is a welcome move as it shows the club are open to ideas to improve the match day atmosphere.

I’m not knocking our supporters who are terrific most of the time, but it’s obvious that in the ‘run of the mill’ games that the atmosphere is quite flat, despite the efforts of groups like the Green Brigade and Bhoys Celtic .

Rail seating is the way forward, and hopefully planning permission is granted and it can pave the way forward for more rail seating to be rolled out, if there is a demand for it from supporters.  If that is the case then they have to let Celtic know.

Just an Ordinary Bhoy

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