“It didn’t suit them because they were playing Celtic,” pundit calls out Ibrox moaners

The latest sideshow in Scottish football has been raging on over the past 24 hours or so, with Dundee unable once again to have their pitch in a suitable condition to host the second-placed side in the League.

After another bite at the cherry, it seems that the rearranged game-in-hand couldn’t go ahead when Don Robertson intervened and deemed it unplayable for the second time in a matter of weeks.

Don Robertson

It’s a situation that doesn’t paint the game up here in the best sort of light, as we already know what they think of us elsewhere – especially in England.

‘Pub league’ and ‘farmers league’

“Pub league” and “farmers league” are the favourite go-to jabs whenever the English speak about our domestic game. It is a tale that is all too familiar to those of us who have enthusiasm for the footballing world up in Scotland; amateurish antics bringing the game into disrepute.

Dens Park ahead of the Dundee v Motherwell game at the weekend that was played. Dens Park was playable on Wednesday 3 April but theRangers didn’t want to play a game in the week of their match with Celtic. The SPFL accommodated their wish and rejected Dundee’s request to play the postponed match on the first available date, as per the SPFL’s rules.

The newest Ibrox outfit have been scathing in their attack on Dundee for this one being halted again for the exact same reason.

However, one pundit down the road – who incidentally has strong leaning towards theRangers and wants them to win the league – has questioned whether or not they have the right to be so excoriating when it comes to the events that have unfolded in the past two weeks or so.

Simon Jordan is never one to shy away from giving his thoughts on things and has remarkably told theRangers that they should get their own house in order before casting the first stone.

Speaking via talkSPORT, the Englishman said: “There is a sense of irony about this, because this is a club that can’t get its act together with their biggest rivals to allow fans in to watch a game between the two football clubs.

“I imagine they are probably breaching SPFL rules by not allowing away sides to have an allocation, specifically their biggest rivals. So I think there’s an irony.

Ridiculous and hypocritical

“I’m not entirely sure why (the)Rangers feel the need to have gone so robust, they may well be irritated, disappointed and playing to the gallery to the 4,000 fans they would’ve brought to the Dundee game. But I think it’s a bit ridiculous and hypocritical.

“If we are steeped in substance that they had the opportunity to play the game the previous week and didn’t want to, then I really don’t know where they’re coming from with this. Maybe it’s a legacy of the past of being done to them by the SPL.”

He continued: “What they are basically saying are the facilities are not befitting of a Scottish Premiership football club because they haven’t got the ability to cope with inclement weather and maintain pitches and cover the rain.

Packet of crisps and two gobstoppers

“Maybe they are right and maybe the revenue inside the Scottish Premiership is what it is. We all know that they get the equivalent to a packet of crisps and two gobstoppers in comparison to what they probably really need.

Bottle thrown at Matt O’Riley at Ibrox on Sunday

“And you’ve got theRangers who have the luxury of a 50,000 stadium and European football. To me looking from the outside, it sounds remarkably pompous, it sounds condescending and they don’t have their own house on order.

“So when you’re going to start preaching to people about what you think they should do, even if you’ve got validity in what you’re saying, theRangers haven’t covered themselves in glory.

They could’ve played this game last week

“They could’ve played this game last week, it didn’t suit them because they were playing Celtic. This is coming from me, who wants theRangers to win the league.  I like Philippe Clement and I like to see (the)Rangers continue to progress and Celtic not dominate the SPFL and for the two Old Firm (sic) clubs to become two meaningful clubs again.

Why so vitriolic?

“I don’t quite understand why it has to be so vitriolic. It’s right to hold yourself in the highest esteem. But standing on top of Mount Siani and looking down at everyone else as if you’re something really meaningful, and I understand that theRangers are a significant football club, but this is very high handed isn’t it and slightly unnecessary.

You read it and think there’s probably a reason a lot of the SPFL clubs don’t like the Old Firm (sic) and this is probably why.”

Whilst his assertion on the Ibrox club is very interesting and does carry a considerable amount of weight, it’s a nonsense from Jordan to pull Celtic into this argument. It seems as if the media cannot help but crave this need to level things up when it comes to the two Glasgow giants.

What are they like?

Unfortunately, theRangers are the main crux of the issue more often than not and their moronic victim narrative when their former club cheated the football world and their creditors with their dodgy tax avoidance scam and the HMRC and couldn’t pay their bills.

As a result Rangers FC was liquidated in 2012. That has nothing to do with any other club in Scottish football, although when they lost its place in the Scottish Premiership it was taken by none other than….Dundee FC!  

What are they like?

Paul Gillespie

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