Mind Games Masterclass – Brendan Rodgers is pure Box Office

Brendan proving to be box office once again

Brendan Rodgers is a top manager. He’s managed at an elite level in the EPL and as Manager of Celtic football club.

He’s been doubted this season, by myself included, and with good reason, but when it comes to the business end of the season he more than proves his worth.

Clever choice of words

Matt O’Riley congratulates Kyogo Furuhashi after he scores his second goal during the Scottish Premiership match between Celtic and Hearts at Celtic Park on May 04, 2024. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Not just with his tactical approach on the park, but with his choice of words off it. By that I mean his aura in front of the cameras and his ability to manipulate the media, rival players, managers and supporters alike by saying just a few well chosen words.

Brendan clearly loves himself, some folk don’t like that and I can see why. Some may call it arrogance, but sometimes managers just like players need that in their character if they want to be successful.

It’s a trait that’s served Brendan well in his career, particularly at this present moment when it’s been more evident and working wonders.

Won the mind games battle

The past few weeks or so Brendan has talked himself and his players up without being arrogant or disrespectful, while at the same time planting seeds of doubt in the mind of the opposition, and it’s worked a treat. He’s won the mind games battle with the beleaguered Belgian Philippe Clement.

Ross County interim manager Don Cowie looks towards theRangers manager Philippe Clement as the final whistle sounds. Clement did not shake hands with Cowie at full-time. Photo Stuart Wallace/Shutterstock

Unlike Clement, Brendan knows how to handle the pressure of a title run in and it’s showing as the team close in on the title. His words yesterday about having some ‘fun’ next week in the Glasgow Derby caused a bit of a stir, but it was tongue in cheek and shows how calm and composed Brendan is as the pressure heats up.

And it’s caused joyous outrage among theRangers support who are always at their most destructive when they are angry.

‘Scoreboard pressure’

Brendan wee comment will have an impact at Ibrox this afternoon, heaping on additional pressure to theRangers team on the park, after the Celtic manager talked about ‘scoreboard pressure’ being an issue there today.

If we do go onto win the title it will not only be down to the ability and character of the players, but the magnificent leadership qualities of Brendan Rodgers. The man is box office.

Maybe it’s time for a song about Brendan again?

Watch this and check out the comments…

Just an Ordinary Bhoy

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1 Comment

  1. Would totally agree with Rodgers that at this stage of the season where the stakes remains so high, that 80% is the mentality for delivering the success required for the club?
    However, with such a high level of inconsistencies within performance throughout this season, that also requires trust to be applied to Rodgers, something that I have struggled to apply to him this season to date, especially when I expected far better from himself upon his return, than he has actually delivered to date imo?
    Overall the return of Rodgers from himself has only been bang average imo?
    No idea why it has taken so long to get the type of performance that yesterday showed, what we all knew that these player’s were well capable of producing on a more regular basis?
    9 points already dropped at home, when even playing at half standard than yesterday, would have given us a better return than 3 points in those 4 home games, and hence title should already be won imo?
    This claim from Rodgers regarding how he enjoys working with and improving the younger players within the squad?
    Very little evidence of seeing such a claim has been produced from Rodgers whatsoever to date?
    So doesn’t remain faultless within our season of inconsistencies, yet gets a free pass if the inconsistencies can be sorted out, especially when the demands are of what was produced in performance yesterday is expected for the remainder of the season, especially next weekend?
    However, I will give great credit to Rodgers upon how he wants to structure the overall look of the squad and allowing pathways for potential younger players to be given there opportunity to be part of the 1st team squad?
    Still plenty of work required upon getting the overall look of the squad up to where Rodgers will want it to be, and still believe that it will go a long way to getting there than what was given to him this season imo?
    But that’s for a later date, but finally seeing the player’s responding to Rodgers methods now, which has been very questionable throughout this campaign to date imo?
    However all of those concerns regarding Rodgers will all disappear once the success has been delivered to the club, even if Rodgers seems to enjoy walking that fine line that exists within the footballing world imo?

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