Video: Brendan Rodgers reflects on Celtic’s 1-1 draw with Ayr United

The Celtic YouTube page has uploaded a video of Brendan Rodgers discussing Celtic’s 1-1 draw with Ayr United. 

Celtic played their first pre-season game yesterday against Ayr United, which resulted in a 1-1 draw. Although Celtic failed to get the win in their opening match the of pre-season campaign, Brendan stresses that this wasn’t the goal of the game.

Instead, he was keen to see the fitness levels of the squad and to see how some of the younger players handled themselves during their first appearance for the first team. Celtic’s next pre-season game takes place on Wednesday, as they face Queen’s Park at the City Stadium.

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  1. Always felt Rodgers was going to use these first 2 pre season games to see who we have from potentially within our younger ranks, to see if they could potentially step up into the 25man squad for next season?
    Also will allow Rodgers to know what possibly reinforcements are within the younger ranks, to potentially add to the 25man squad if required over the course of next season also imo?
    Trying Yuki out at LB was an indication as to what Rodgers had in mind, along with using frame also, but suppose Monty still can’t be available, so everything still points to a new LB is still desperately required for next season imo?
    Also could help Rodgers decide as to whether we require 1 or 2 keepers for next season?
    Still believe that we require 2 imo? With Bain remaining favourite for the 3rd keeper role imo?
    Great to see Dane Murray back playing again, but thought he was more of a left sided CB in the making?
    Could be looking for a loan move for Murray to get a full season for him, and maybe take the same route as lawal did, in his development process imo?
    Of course these early pre season games, will be used for Rodgers planning process involved for the season ahead?
    Think yang and Holm along with Kwon
    showed enough to warrant a place upon the plane for the trip to the USA, even if it remains unclear as to whether they will be involved within the 25man squad Rodgers is looking to build for next season imo?
    So a decent work out all the same, but the downside is these continuing injury concern regarding rocki?
    Believe that there is still a player within rocki, yet are we ever going to see that on a consistent basis, with more time spent in the treatment room, than on the pitch?
    With ourselves in the market for another CB, then possibly Rodgers faces a decision to make upon the current situation regarding rocki imo?
    We will have cover in the CB positions, but if we are looking at having 5CB within our squad, will rocki Still be 1 of them 5?
    Think rocki might just get the position, but hardly looking like a long term solution within our squad either at present imo?
    Still have my doubts about as weather kyogo is an actual Rodgers type of central striker still?
    So thinking it could be wait and see how the USA trip goes for kyogo before an actual decision is made, but kyogo body language doesn’t still look great since the return of Rodgers imo?

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