The Celtic Board’s Celtic Hoard – Ibrox stadium fiasco’s hidden danger

There’s still hope of Brendan pulling off a few top notch signings, but the longer it drags on the more it’s looking doubtful…

The Celtic Hoard from the Celtic Board…

As the countdown to the start of the season begins, we remain hopeful that a few new signings will be added to the squad, and not the usual ‘project’ signings, but ones who are of the required quality needed.

We’ve all of course been well versed in disappointment when it comes to transfer dealings at Celtic Park so have not got ahead of ourselves, but there’s still a lingering hope that Brendan will pull of a few top notch deals.

An injection of quality

We badly need an injection of quality, and that has got to come some time soon. You’ve got to imagine that Brendan has a few targets lined up and that they are being pursued as we speak.

However the longer this drags on the more difficult it will prove getting any one of real quality through the door. Celtic leaves for the United States soon, and with the new season kicking off in just under a month’s time, it’s imperative we get some new faces through the door.

There’s little expectation

We can only hope, it’s all we’ve got, there’s little expectation though judging by previous outcomes.

With the Celtic Board probably being more interested in selling Matt O’Riley for a record breaking fee, few Celtic supporters will reckon that the club will be net spenders in this window.  The purpose of stock-piling cash is unknown but when we ‘achieve’ the usual Champions League outcome we can all cry into our beer and moan about the unspent hundred million in the PLC’s bank account.

Ibrox fiasco’s hidden danger for Celtic supporters 

But if they keep us just a bit ahead of theRangers then they’ll expect us all to be happy.  So while everyone is enjoying the stadium fiasco at Ibrox the hidden danger is that the Celtic Board decide that there’s no need to splash the cash anyway because of their difficulties. That would be fairly typical but also extremely frustrating for the support who are 100% all in backing the club.

Here’s our first team keeper at the moment, in action against Ayr Utd last Friday night.

Just an Ordinary Bhoy

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  1. Admittedly that the shithole factor within the scum, did cross my mind as to whether it would impact upon the spending that’s required for ourselves?
    The simple factor is weather this board want to keep the scum relevant or not?
    Will forever more claim that the board sabotaged the 10iar season, in order to keep the scum in business?
    Possibly got away with it, with ourselves been blind sided with the 10, and getting lucky with the unexpected excitement Ange bought to ourselves?
    But things have a tendency to change very quickly within the footballing world also?
    In footballing terms, we have crushed everything the scum have tried to hold on and boasts about, even if it was built upon cheating and corruption?
    So for many of our support, especially outside of Glasgow, they aren’t of any relevance to ourselves any longer imo?
    Just staying ahead of the scum and increasing the trophy count over them, is no longer really an acceptable direction for our club to remain in taking imo?
    There is a growing anticipation of wanting ourselves to become a far better team within the CL imo?
    Of course that still requires winning the SPFL to maintain an easier passage into the competition, but even that stands to be tested again in the 25/26 season?
    So are we ever going to see a longer term vision solution to the potential problems we still face at this higher level?
    I understand that the money budgets is a massive factor to overcome, but don’t buy into this as an excuse for not becoming more competitive within the competition either?
    This solely comes down to as to whether the board are prepared to match the ambition of our supporters?
    Always felt that this summer was going to actually finally answer the question, especially as winning a “proper 55” will be brilliant for gloating terms towards the scum?
    Is that really going to be the best we can expect from next season?
    Is that the height of our ambition as a club?
    Course such questions can’t be answered before a ball has been kicked, but the planning process for Rodgers hasn’t even started yet?
    Action is required to confirm that we are being serious about ambition for the following season and beyond also?
    I think our support have been very patient in general regarding the process involved, but still without any indication as to what direction we intend to be heading in as a club, either at present?
    Why our board leaves themselves wide open in suspicion terms, especially when they haven’t won over our support in trust matters for such a long time now, is way beyond me, as to there workings?
    A couple of statement signings were required before last season even finished, and in positions that couldn’t continue any longer to be ignored?
    And still nothing of any real substance to say we do intend to become ambitious in matching the demands of the manager along with our supporters?
    Even confirming the signing of Paulo and idah is only small change to ourselves also, as wouldn’t regard them as solely an intention of ambition imo?
    Without Hart, and looking more likely with Oreily going also, and still without another LB in place, along with the departure of vata, and possibly Kelly following suit now also?
    We currently find ourselves in a much weaker position than the squad that struggled for large chunks of last season?
    Now I remain confident that it will be resolved before the window shuts, even if not totally completed to the degree that I would possibly like the club to be in imo?
    But this sitting idle with the amount of work that was required within the overall look of our squad is starting to become infuriating with every passing day?
    The USA pre season trip is massive for our preparations for the season ahead, and currently looking like we wont even fill the seats that’s required, instead of such seats being filled by players that aren’t in the plans of Rodgers?
    The time factor is starting to go against ourselves yet again in preparations for the season ahead, which calls into question the ambition for the powers to be within our club?
    I know that we have been well amused with the carry ons within that scum shithole of a circus, yet we still remain as preforming no better?
    For myself that is unforgivable, especially if we continue in the same manner over this summer period also imo?

  2. We have walked this road before a lot of new generations supporters maybe have no idea how desperately close we came to be non-existent. I don’t believe the supporters are going to sit back and take project signings any more. We have the money to improve the team especially as the European nights are just that little bit special when you’re competitive there is nothing like it. If the existing board hasn’t got that message yet I believe they will soon.

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