Patience wearing thin for both Brendan and the Celtic support

The success of last season has taken the heat off those in charge, but they can’t hide behind that for long. We as supporters won’t allow it.

Celtic supporters are starting to get restless with the lack of transfer activity regarding incomings at the club.

There is of course still four weeks until the start of the season and with no distraction of Champions league qualifiers or play offs, it’s not quite panic stations just yet.  However it’s not an overreaction to air our frustration at the lack of new faces.

The transfer window itself has only just opened and won’t slam shut until the end of August, but we all eagerly await the arrival of new players in a bid to get them bedded in for the start of the new campaign.

Brendan’s body language

Judging by Brendan’s body language he feels as frustrated as us, so it’s quite healthy for us to air our grievances.

We’ve all seen this movie before, and it’s getting quite frustrating having to sit through it all again.

The fact we haven’t even got a head of recruitment in place despite the vacancy being up for grabs since March is ridiculous. Never mind who our targets are, who is actually targeting them?

Old habits die hard 

The success of last season has taken a bit of heat off those in charge, but we won’t allow them to revert to their old habits of being incompetent when it comes to bringing in new players.

They have a few weeks to get the supporters and more importantly get Brendan the players he craves in his bid to make us more formidable next season.

Anything less is not just unprofessional, but unacceptable. We won’t tolerate such incompetence and will let them know just that. Time to get the finger out.

Just an Ordinary Bhoy

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  1. Same old story from the Board, they are reluctant to do do anything and show no signs of wishing to consolidate Celtic into a power in Scotland or Europe. I often think that they actually find the support an inconvenience and wish we weren’t there and don’t really take any notice of our concerns until it hits them in the pocket.

  2. Rodgers has identified his potential targets, he hopes to bring into the club?
    That doesn’t mean that these targets actually do want to join ourselves either?
    We know Rodgers wants to attract more quality within our squad and rightly so?
    Yet how much of a budget are we preparing to invest into the squad?
    Of course there is money available to do so, which only increases the level of frustration in trying to finalise such deals, especially when we are in a position of not having to do structured payments either?
    Yet, who are our negotiation team, in trying to get these deals finalised?
    Wouldn’t say Nicholson is working alone either, and massive suspicion falls upon another lawwell stepping in yet again?
    If this should be the case, then uproar is certainly allowed, if such a practice is confirmed as actually taking place?
    Lawwell should never have been allowed to ever return to the club in the first place, yet as a support we were blinded by success at the time, with such a good feel good factor within the club at the time?
    That has dwindled somewhat now, and growing in frustration that eventually leads to anger?
    This is the effect that the lawwell name still represents within our club, and chances are it will remain constant all the while he is in a position of power within our club?
    Had my doubts about weather a working relationship could be formed between Rodgers and a lawwell last summer?
    Turned out that it couldn’t be regarding the younger version of lawwell in the end?
    So has the bigger version of lawwell stepped in for this window?
    Why an actual director of football wasn’t appointed with the amount of work that was required between incoming and outgoing players this summer, I will never know?
    Especially when as supporters we could have had a far clearer indication as to what is actually happening behind the scenes for ourselves?
    Huge amounts of money stands to be exchanged during this window, and this was already in place months ago?
    Yet we remain at not much above zero, with only a small fee for Vata to count?
    Between deals to be made regarding outgoing players and incoming players required, with transfer fees and contracts involving wages, we could be up to around 100M of money involved?
    Have we actually got ourselves prepared to be dealing with such sums changing hands, along with the investment required?
    This always stood to be our biggest ever summer regarding the amount of money involved?
    Yet how comfortable do we feel at the prospect of a lawwell still potentially having such a huge say regarding how such vast sums of money, will be sorted out come the end of this window?
    All the while the suspicion of a lawwell is heavily involved, we are doing nothing more than juggling with a live grenade?
    The only way to stop the pin getting pulled is by actually making some decent moves within the transfer market and quickly also imo?
    Still remain confident that this pin doesn’t need pulling just yet, but the time factor is increasing daily at this stage also?

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