Photos – Speculation on how Celtic 2nd and 3rd kits will look next season

It’s fair to say that the Celtic home kit launch for season 2024-25 has been an overwhelming success with the kit being much better received than the one it replaces.

And if the online rumours are correct that the Celtic FC and adidas creatives appear to be on a roll this time around because the away kit is an absolute belter and looks like being another best seller for the club.

However there are TWO versions doing the rounds so at this stage it’s anyone’s guess which one is correct or if both are punts that turn out to be off the mark. We shall see.



And there’s also a rumour about the third kit for next season, although many folk don’t really understand why we need three kits at all, but that’s another story in itself.  Here’s the speculative image on that one…

The thing that annoys many supporters about these change kits is when they are worn when it’s unnecessary for instance when we are playing Hibs.  And in particular when we play in these change kits away from home in European football, it does Celtic a disservice when we opt not to wear the hoops.

Celtic is world famous for our green and white hoops but when we play in yellow, or dark green, or black or even pink (remember that?) we are failing to make the most of the club’s USP – the famous green and white hoops.  Just look at the iconic image below and incidentally loving those CELTIC SHORTS.

Here’s a reminder of how the  hoops will look next season on our Champions, male and female…

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