“Cost us £600k more,” SPFL’s double standards exposed by Partick Thistle fan

Double standards when it comes to theRangers but who’s surprised?

The SPFL have said that they have no plans to punish theRangers due to their stadium being unplayable for the first few weeks of the season.

That’s not really a surprise, but shows the double standards of the governing body when it concerns the Ibrox side.

Remember the whole hoorah over the state of the Dens Park surface last season? And theRangers supporters and the media were never done complaining about it, with the Ibrox side even awarded a five figure sum in compensation from the Dens Park side for their St Andrews hotel bills and travelling costs for the postponed games.

Dundee were further punished when the SPFL hammered them in the form of a heavy fine.

I’m not saying they shouldn’t have been punished, in the end the beaks came to the right decision as the Dens surface was a disgrace to the top flight. That begs the question, why weren’t theRangers punished for their amateur errors in their bid to reconstruct a stand?

It’s caused a dilemma in terms of fixtures in the same way Dundee caused, and don’t give me ‘it was a logistics issue from overseas’ excuse. After all theRangers did say that they sacked an employee due to the ‘error’ so someone clearly done something wrong, but not in the eyes of the SPFL. Funny that eh?

There’s a Partick Thistle supporter on social media pointing out that when they had a similar problem with their stand building works at Firhill and asked for some understanding from the league, they didn’t want to know and as a result it cost the club a consider sum of money.

One rule for theRangers and another for everyone else appears to sum things up.

Just an Ordinary Bhoy

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