“That was mental,” admits Liam Scales after Celtic win Hampden thriller

Liam Scales spoke to the media after Celtic’s penalty shoot-out victory over Aberdeen in the Scottish Cup semi-final at Hampden on Saturday afternoon. It was an incredible match, a Scottish Cup classic and the prize for Scales and his teammates is a place in the final on 25 May…

Q: What were your thoughts on the game?

Liam Scales: “We weren’t at our best in the first and they started really well and got the goal. It just went back and forth really. There were parts where we had control and felt that and then it completely switched. It is brilliant to get the win and great to have that to look forward to at the end of the season.”

Q: Have you played in a game like that before?

Liam Scales: “No. That was mental. Probably not.”

Q: Was your heart in your mouth at the shootout?

Liam Scales: “Yes. It was a mix of emotions.”

Q: Did you know before the game that Joe Hart would be taking a penalty if it went to a shootout?

Liam Scales: “We practiced penalties on Thursday and Friday and Joe was hitting them really well. I wasn’t surprised that he took one. We didn’t have the penalty takers out because of substitutes and everything like that but we all trusted him and his penalty was so close.”

Q: What was his excuse for missing?

Liam Scales: “He just said sorry. He didn’t have an excuse but he made it up for it with his save.”

Q: Was he pleased that he got a reprieve by saving the decisive penalty?

Liam Scales: “He was delighted himself because he had the chance to win it which would have been great for him but he still won the game in the end for us.”

Q: Were you surprised how well Aberdeen played as Celtic went into this one as overwhelming favourites?

Liam Scales: “No. I am not surprised as they have the quality all over the pitch. Bojan Miovski is one of the best strikers in the league and Aberdeen have creative players. Their league form has not been the best and it has not clicked for them all year but we know on their day they are a good side and we expected it but they really came at us and it was a great game that could have gone either way.”

Q: It was a crazy day and to come out on top in a match like this you need a lot of mental strength. What does that say about the guys in your dressing room?

Liam Scales:  “100 per cent. It was an emotional game and the boys who took the penalties showed extreme mental strength and bravery to put them away. It was amazing.”

Q: Celtic have had to win the game three times, haven’t you?

Liam Scales:  “Pretty much but there were a lot of twists and turns and it was mad.”

Q: In the summer Aberdeen were keen to bring you back. You have just helped Celtic into the Scottish Cup final and it has been quite the breakthrough year for you hasn’t it?

Liam Scales:  “I really enjoyed my time at Aberdeen and it is a great club. To break into the team here is brilliant. I am delighted with how the season has gone. We just need to finish the season strong in our last five league games leading into the cup final.”

Q: Momentum is really important in football. Do you believe you now have a nice platform to push on for the incredibly significant last five matches of the season as well as the cup final?

Liam Scales: “That’s it. We are coming in strong to the last part of the season and that’s the way we like it and that’s the way we want it to be. With five games left in the league, we want to try and put that to bed and then deal with the cup. It won’t be that simple but that’s the plan.”

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  1. Personally was a bit surprised that scales got the nod ahead of rocki for starting myself?
    I know that a CCV/scales CB partnership is Rodgers preferred starting option?
    Couldn’t really disagree earlier on in the season, but with the form of scales dropping somewhat since the winter break, no longer convinced its the strongest available to finish out the season imo?
    Need a strong partnership between keeper and CBs, and with the amount of CB injuries sustained this season, we still haven’t really formed a strong partnership in such a crucial area of the team, for the best part of this season?
    This area will now have to be seriously addressed during the summer, especially with the retirement of Hart now?
    But the manner we conceded 2 last minute goals remains a concern that shouldn’t be ignored either imo?
    Not much can be done now at this stage, but would be expecting teams to really target an area within our defence that was very weak today imo?
    I know scales is only returning from injury after missing a few games and has had a fairly decent season overall for ourselves imo?
    Just think rocki might be a better partner for CCV to finish out the season imo?

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