Rumour is Celtic to play Chelsea, Man City and DC United the summer

Celtic posted this teaser post on their social media channels earlier today, suggesting a summer tour to the United States and Ireland is on the cards.

Goal Machine

Our attention today has been focused on Elena Sadiku’s Celtic FC Women side turning St Patrick’s Day into a Beautiful Sunday with a 2-1 win over theRangers. Two goals from the Goal Machine Tash Flint gave us the three points and now it’s a three way title fight in the SWPL1.

But what about this summer tour to America and Ireland?

Well the place we looked for details was over on the popular fans forum Celtic Noise.

“There may be a few players missing as the Euros are on this summer. Mind you, it is probably smart to start visiting North America ahead of the US/Canada/Mexico World Cup in 2026. Try to increase our profile and fanbase as it becomes bigger news in that region.”

“Supposedly playing at Notre Dame Stadium and a game in North Carolina. The building in the middle is University of Notre Dame and on the right is University of North Carolina.”

“From KDS – Rumour has it it’s Chelsea in Notre Dame, Man City in Chapel Hill and DC United in DC.”

“Believe that is the Washington Monument on the left so a game in D.C.?”

“The rumour is we are taking Drum Chapel United with us to Washington for a kick about.”

As always a mixture of insight, wisdom and completely and utter madness! That’s why we love it!

On the Ireland leg of the tour, presumably we’ll be heading to Dublin (unlike others).

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