Rodgers facing Ibrox lock-out, Celtic set for SFA battle over Beaton

Brendan Rodgers faces an Ibrox lock-out for next month’s vital Scottish Premiership match. Yesterday the Scottish FA disgracefully cited the Celtic manager for his post-match comments at the weekend.

This happened because theRangers supporting VAR official John Beaton effectively re-refereed the game to substantially influence the outcome. In doing so Beaton  negated the damaged down the day before when Motherwell unexpectedly defeated theRangers at Ibrox.

Referee John Beaton Photo Malcolm Mackenzie PSI


A furious Celtic manager hit out at the VAR official for the sending off of Yang and the penalty decision awarded to Hearts after the ball struck the arm of Tomoki Iwata from behind while the player’s eyes were closed.  It was a decision that no-one – even the Hearts manager – reckoned was correctly awarded.  Brendan Rodgers reckoned it was incompetence on Beaton’s part and now the Scottish FA’s Compliance Officer has acted.

Where was he is late December and early January when Clement was leading a witch-hunt against Willie Collum for his own VAR incompetence. The Belgian boss was demanding that Collum didn’t referee there games again. The sleekit SFA however sent Collum there on a low risk Scottish Cup tie against Ayr Utd.  He’s not been anywhere near theRangers league games and we can watch that continuing for the rest of the season.

Rodgers cited but not Clement

Why has Rodgers been cited but Clement wasn’t?  Celtic should be asking the Scottish FA for an explanation immediately.

The SFA’s compliance officer yesterday hit the Celtic manager with a notice of complaint for his breach of rule 72. The hearing date with the disciplinary panel has been set for Thursday, 28 March. On top of a hefty fine, Rodgers is likely to receive a two-match ban which would conveniently for the Scottish FA, Beaton and the rest, mean that Rodgers would miss the away games  at Livingston on 31 March and the Rangers on 7 April.

Quotes that landed Rodgers in bother

“My feeling is that the game was decided by officials on the field and outside of the field. I try to respect decisions and give the benefit of the doubt.

“But when I see that level of incompetence, the only word I can use, then that makes me worry for the game. In such a tight title race, which it is and it’s fantastic and great to be involved in, that can make the difference.”

Scottish FA’s Rule 72

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  1. This MUST go to court.
    The SFA rule is obviously to prevent any criticism of officials.
    If Celtic’s lawyers take this to court and challenge this I believe they will win. The SFA are totally dishonest and they are not fit for purpose. They use known “brothers” to referee and influence specific matches. Beaton was at his absolute worst at the weekend and now thinks he is untouchable. I believe the SFA are protecting themselves. Officials round the country, outside of Ayrshire, Glasgow, Lanarkshire and Renfrew shire are not getting a look in. The whole country should be equally represented so that officiating is more balanced. I hope Celtic tale this to court. If Fergus was here, it would already be done. This was man of integrity ans you cannot beat integrity.

  2. The game is being spoiled for the paying customers.
    Perhaps the fan groups should also get together as a body to take court action.

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