Celtic SLO on Safe Standing, The Green Wall and Jungle in all its Glory

Here’s Celtic FC SLO John Paul Taylor, speaking back in 2018 about the reasons why Celtic introduced a safe standing area in the North Curve at Celtic Park. Celtic was of course the first club in the UK to install rail seats in 2016.

Safer standing at Celtic Park

In this video shown below John Paul explains the way that safer standing works at Celtic Park, the reasons why it was introduced and the size of the waiting list to get into the section. Interestingly enough also states that Celtic will look at expanding the section in a year or two.

That obviously has NOT happened but it does make sense when you consider the North Curve Celtic proposals for the creation of a standing Celtic End in the lower Jock Stein stand. The Green Brigade trialled that at the two Celtic FC Women matches at the end of last season.  Anyone who was at those games will tell you all about how amazing the atmosphere was on both occasions.

Smoke bombs, pyros and tifos

So, Celtic’s earlier plans to expand the standing area have come to nothing.  Perhaps this is due to the ongoing controversies about smoke bombs, pyros and tifos. However it’s a shame that there currently does not seem much space for a discussion about improving the atmosphere inside Celtic Park.

Improving atmosphere 

It was noticeable at the end of last year how the Green Brigade were missed when they were banned. Remember losing to Hearts for example in December? Without re-opening the rights and wrongs of that row, it surely is worthwhile looking at ways in which the atmosphere on match days can improve.

Imagine that Green Wall behind the goal and the inspiration it would give the Celtic players as they attacked the Celtic End in the second half of matches!  There are all sorts of factors that probably would make this a complete non-starter. But having watched the Green Brigade showcasing the experience last May in really is a sight to behold.

A return of The Green Wall?

Hopefully they will turn out and do it all over again the two Celtic FC Women fixtures that Celtic announced last week would be taking place at Celtic Park.

Seats in the Jungle

Next up we’ll look at Celtic stadium re-design in the dark days of the early 1990s when as a result of the Taylor Report a skint Celtic were forced to put seats in the Jungle. We’ll show you some exclusive photographs courtesy of former Celtic stadium director Tom Grant.

The Jungle in all its glory.

Tom was one of the guests earlier this month on the outstanding Celtic Exchange podcast as Tino spoke to many of the movers and shakers in and around the battle to remove the old Board and the successful take-over by Fergus McCann.

If you haven’t done so already have a listen now. It’s also worth listening to the other podcasts on The Celtic Exchange’s series The Battle To Save Celtic…

And remember don’t miss out Seats in the Jungle, an exclusive set of photographs, coming next only on Celtic Shorts…

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  1. The reason there will be no green wall is obvious. The supporters in that area, have told the club that there is no way they will move seats, in order to accommodate the hooligan element. Quite rightly so.

    Hail Hail.

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