Video: Why Celtic’s allocation for July friendly against Ayr Utd has doubled

As reported on The Celtic Star earlier today, Ayr United has provided Celtic with an additional allocation of tickets for the pre-season friendly at Somerset Park on Friday evening 5th July after the initial 3000 allocation was snapped up by the Celtic support.

The additional tickets are now on sale to Celtic supporters and after listening to an excellent update from the Ayr Utd Managing Director it seems that the Celtic allocation has doubled to 6000 tickets for the 10,000 capacity stadium.

A statement from Managing Director, Graeme Mathie regarding the decision on the allocation of the Somerset Road End and remaining section of the North Stand & North Terracing.

Here are some of the comments to this open and honest update where the Ayr Utd director explains the importance of filling the stadium and how that could mean an additional signing for this upcoming season as Ayr eye promotion to the Scottish Premiership.


“Transparency is all you could ask for and this guy has supplied it in abundance,” Celtic Curio

“Ayr being very clever here, making sure the stadium will be full to capacity, a few clubs in the premiership could learn a thing or two from them,” M Griffin.

Totally understandable

“Totally understandable that common sense should prevail. Hopefully as many Ayr supporters turn out as possible, but like it or not, football is a business now and maximising revenue from every opportunity preserves and protects our club,” Kev.

“That makes sense. With the North Stand/terracing and Main stand already earmarked for Ayr supporters, it’s clear that the terracing at both ends needs to go to away support given the likely numbers. Surely we all want what’s best for the club, and cash in here. It’s only one game,” Stuart.

Correct decision

“Correct decision. Well played to the Board, makes perfect sense. In a season where there is a real opportunity to get out of this league, for so many teams, recruitment will be key. £50k could be a difference maker. Non competitive pre-season game so maximise the money and invest,” Cally Yorke.

“100% the correct decision. However, the decision would’ve been more palatable if there was a caveat in place that this wouldn’t happen in a cup game against the Old Firm (sic),” Jim Doolan.

“Can see arguments on both side of the fence. Ayr Utd are a business and if we can make another 50k with giving more tickets to celtic then why not. The people moaning about it will be the same ones moaning in January when we don’t bring in some new quality players,” Chris.

Mental that it has created so much fuss

“Mental that it has created so much fuss tbh. Older fans were much more used to being at railway end anyway or swapping ends. Even I remember being in the railway end for a league cup tie with Celtic back in the 90’s. Don’t remember any fuss then and that was a cup tie!” Teale27.

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