Opinion – Tainted Hugh Dallas unworthy of airtime given to him by BBC Scotland

Proven bigot Hugh Dallas still allowed air time by the BBC Scotland and the SMSM…

 Referee Jose Maria Garcia-Aranda (Spain, 2nd L) pose for the official picture, next to his assistants, Nicolae Grigorescu (Romania, L), Hugh Dallas (Scotland, substitute referee) and Laurent Rausis (Switzerland, R), 29 June at the Stadium in Toulouse before the start of the 1998 Soccer World Cup second round match between Yugoslavia and the Netherlands.   Photo JEAN-PIERRE MULLER/AFP via Getty Images

Derogatory email

Hugh Dallas, the one time Scottish referee who was outed as a bigot has been talking to the Scottish media this week, giving his views on the officiating of our game.

Dallas was exposed many years ago after sending a derogatory email regarding Pope Benedict’s visit to Scotland in 2010. Although it didn’t come as a surprise to the Celtic supporters who knew where the ex-whistlers allegiances lay for many a year.

Dallas’ bad behaviour hasn’t hindered his career and he continues to work on the continent. This shows that   prejudice against Roman Catholics is not taken as seriously as it should be.

Former referees Pierluigi Collina and Hugh Dallas speak ahead of the UEFA EURO 2012 quarter final match between Czech Republic and Portugal at The National Stadium on June 21, 2012 in Warsaw, Poland. (Photo by Alex Grimm/Getty Images)

Guest on BBC Sportsound

Dallas is currently working in Turkey as head of referees, and was recently giving his views on the officiating in our game here in Scotland. Dallas has also outlined his thoughts on the introduction of VAR as a guest on BBC Sportsound.

The question is why he is given the time of day by the broadcasters? The fact that he’s a disgraced former official, who was also involved in the cover up to hinder Celtic during the infamous ‘Dougie Dougie’ incident.

Dallas shouldn’t be allowed to work in the game, never mind be given a platform to express his opinions.  Sadly it’s what we would expect from the BBC and the rest of the SMSM.

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