Ibrox farce makes complaints about Dens Park even more embarrassing

Ibrox farce makes their complaints about Dens Park even more embarrassing…

Who says the banter years were gone for good? Yesterday’s news that the Rangers won’t have Ibrox ready in time for the new season is just another hilarious chapter in the banter chronicles.

Apparently building materials required for upgrading the ground didn’t arrive in time from China, so as usual it’s always someone else’s fault. If that is actually the story here.  Someone has already paid the price after being sacked due to the massive cock up, so the latest Ibrox club are treating it very seriously – and no wonder.

Just a thought, aren’t you suppose to order such materials in advance for a job of such importance? But they are amateurs when it comes to running a football club I suppose. And why is the so called quintessential British club not buying British steel but instead shopping in China?

It makes it all the more amusing when you think back to the constant whining the Ibrox club done regarding the state of the infamous Dens park pitch back in April. So much so that they took Dundee to court and successfully won a five figure sum over their accommodation issues.

Motherwell players examine Dens Park ahead of their game on 6th April 2024. Photo – Russell Cheyne/Shutterstock

Remember theRangers fans demanding the three points should be awarded to them if Dundee was unable to stage the game?

The media were also making a mountain out of a mole hill regarding the ‘treatment’ of their beloved team back in April.  Will they be making such a song and dance about the current amateur developments at Ibrox? I doubt it very much.

It should also be noted that the statement from theRangers yesterday poses more questions that it actually answers.  For example they are apparently looking at alternatives such as Murrayfield – does it have VAR and if not can games , especially UEFA games, be staged there?

The Rangers not for the first time are the object of ridicule, and I for one am all for it.

Celtic have just made this deliciously subtle dig…

And earlier in the day Dundee FC posted this…they’re watching this one closely and the SPFL better be prepared to treat theRangers in the same way as they handled the Dundee pitch issues last season. It’s only fair after all.

“The negligence and unprofessionalism demonstrated by Dundee Football Club…continues to have a damaging effect on the top professional league in the country,” theRangers FC


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