Fake WWE humiliation for supporters of fake football club

Last night theRangers suffering yet more humiliation, this time in a ‘sport’ which is as fake as their club.

theRangers and their supporters are just getting over the humiliation of yet another season of failure and last night they were ridiculed to the world yet again. Not in a footballing sense – like the time they let 7-1 at home to Liverpool in the Champions League – but in the make believe world of WWE. The world of entertainment otherwise known as ‘professional wrestling.’

Big business franchise

WWE is a big business franchise and is popular amongst children, I myself, as a lot of you most likely did, used to enjoy it back in the day and rightly so as it was great entertainment. But to me a childhood memory is all it now is. Bizarrely it’s a ‘sport’ that has a huge adult following.  Each to their own I suppose.

Milked by the latest Ibrox club

Drew McIntyre is big in the WWE scene. He’s been doing non stop publicity since an event in the WWE calendar was announced in our very own city.

Drew who hails from Ayr and is an avid theRangers supporter has been regularly seen sporting theRangers top and has visited Ibrox on numerous occasions which has of course been milked by the latest Ibrox club itself.

Drew was expected to be crowned the winner of the event dubbed ‘the clash at the castle’ held in The Hydro last night.

Disguised as a referee

But the ‘script’ had other ideas as fellow WWE opponent Damien Priest was ‘declared’ the winner after ‘rival’ CM Punk who earlier that day was seen sporting a Celtic top at a press conference, intervened and stopped him in his tracks while disguised as a referee!

This ensured yet another meltdown from the Ibrox supporters as they were humiliated to the watching world yet again.

But don’t worry Bears it’s not real, it’s all make believe, a bit like the 12 year old club you all support. Their rage is real!

Just an Ordinary Bhoy

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