The conversation that brought Brendan back to Celtic

Callum McGregor has opened up on the conversation he had with Brendan Rodgers which helped convince him to return to Celtic.

The reintroduction of Brendan Rodgers as the Celtic head coach last Summer was by no means an easy transition. Due to the unfortunate way, Brendan chose to depart from the club in 2019 and after losing the popular Ange Postecoglou to Tottenham Hotspur, the Celtic fanbase was initially split over his return to the club. However, after a very successful season, Brendan has put all the direst to bed and regained the support of the fans.

The Conversation

For the re-appointment to take place, Rodgers first had a talk with Dermot Desmond before talking to the Celtic skipper Callum McGregor about the prospects of returning. However, it seems that the latter conversation is the one that convinced Rodgers to make his return to Paradise.

In a preview of an Interview due to be released on SkySports on Friday, Callum McGregor discusses the conversation that he had with Brendan Rodgers in Spain prior to the Celtic manager’s reintroduction to the club. Speaking to SkySports, McGregor said…

Buzzing see him

“Initially I was just buzzing see him again, to be honest. It had been there a few years since then. But I knew that when the manager got in touch, then we sat down and we spoke and very quickly it became clear that he was interested.

“He was probing and asking questions about certain players and how the club was and how it’s moving forward and then straight away I’m getting excited because I think it’s just gonna happen, he is going to come back.

Honest evaluation

“And like I said, I just tried to give my honest evaluation of where I thought the club was and where we can get better and where we can keep pushing to move it forward because I knew that that was a big thing for the manager as well.

“He wants to continue to move. That’s one thing I learned from the first time he was here. He was always pushing for more and trying to raise the standard standard to higher up in the club as well.

“So we knew where we were wanting the club to go and I was excited at the prospect of working with the manager again.

We’re a young, exciting squad

“And I just tried to give him a true evaluation of where I thought we were and we’re a young, exciting squad that probably needed a next level of guidance as well to get us to where we want to be and I thought the manager would be the perfect guy for that.”

Now that the season has come to a close, and the Bhoys have finished with the League Title and Scottish Cup in hand, the re-appointment of Brendan Rodgers was by no means a misstep. Especially by looking at the development of the squad under Rodgers, with the rapid development of Matt O’Riley being the obvious example, Rodgers’ influence at Celtic cannot be understated, and hopefully by the time the Summer transfer window closes, we will be in an even stronger position.

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