“That’s what makes this club so unique,” Brendan Rodgers

Brendan Rodgers looked back on that wonderful Wednesday night as Celtic wrapped up the title in some considerable style with that 5-0 win away to Kilmarnock

Come the final whistle, the celebrations both at Rugby Park and later at Celtic Park were the stuff of legends with the Celtic manager talking us though his take on it all and telling us what time he eventually got to bed!

Speaking at his media conference this afternoon at Lennoxtown, Brendan Rodgers gave an insightful account of his own title winning experience earlier this week.

Everything I wanted in the team

“It’s a really special time when you win a title and you win it in the way we have done. It was a great performance on Wednesday night. It was everything I wanted in the team, and how we played, and obviously that chance to celebrate with the supporters was special. It was a great evening.

“We had a couple of wee drinks afterwards, went home, watched the game again, and went to bed about 3.40am. It was a long night but a great night, and that’s what football is about.

“We came good when it mattered”

“It’s been a season full of ups and downs but ultimately we came good when it mattered. I think now we’re starting to see the real Celtic – probably what people wanted to see at the beginning of the season. We weren’t quite at that level then for various reasons, but we certainly have been this past couple of months, building towards this period in the season. That’s the most important bit.

After watching back the game in the wee small hours, Brendan Rodgers outlined his thoughts at that stage of Thursday morning.

“That’s what makes this club so unique”

“We play and work for the supporters. They are absolutely unrivalled. I’ve managed other huge clubs, Liverpool, but there are not many other clubs where you’ll get that – either after the game, on the field, and then coming away and having that afterwards at the stadium.

“That’s what makes this club so unique. There’s a big demand here, there’s big expectation, there’s massive pressure, it’s never an easy job. Nights like that, and moments like that make it worthwhile. The scenes after the game and at the stadium are really special, and I think Saturday will be really special as well. We’re looking forward to it.”

So are we Brendan, so are we. See you tomorrow!

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  1. Hopefully the Scottish cup next and then into the transfer market with Rodgers getting the full backing of the board this time to get the players he wants.

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