Miovski continuing to impress the Celtic support

Bojan Miovski continued his good scoring form against Celtic yesterday. His quick fire opening goal was his third against the hoops in a season that’s seen the North Macedonia hit the target 24 times in 48 appearances in all competitions.

He’s also scored in Europe and against theRangers so the big striker has proven that he can do it in the big games and not just in run of the mill domestic games.

A player who will be attracting interest

He’s clearly a player who will be attracting interest and will be playing at a higher level in the not too distant future.

Will that club be Celtic? As we know there has been plenty of rumours linking the striker with the club and he’s a name that is clearly admired amongst the Celtic supporters.

But most importantly is he a player of interest in the eyes of Brendan Rodgers? Brendan will have surely been impressed by the North Macedonian as he’s caused our defence nothing but problems every time they’ve came up against him.

Strong, mobile, good in the air, and knows the way to goal

He’s strong, mobile, good in the air, and knows the way to goal, and more importantly he knows our football. But will the club part with the reported £5 million fee that has been reportedly placed on Miovski’s head?

It would be seen as a shrewd bit of business, but time will tell if Brendan or the club are seriously interested in Aberdeen’s goalscoring striker.

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  1. Personally believe Rodgers is struggling to get the best out of kyogo in the manner of how he wants to set this Celtic team up as an attacking force imo?
    No longer are we really trying to get the ball into the area earlier ,so it goes behind a CB for kyogo to thrive upon imo?
    So is kyogo really the forward player that Rodgers is looking for to lead the attacking line?
    Not totally convinced he is, within the thinking of Rodgers and how he is looking to set this team up in the future imo?
    I really hope this won’t be the case, but not overly confident that it will remain the same where kyogo is getting starved of the service that he thrives upon currently.
    Still remain unconvinced that Rodgers actually sees kyogo as the 1st choice in leading the forward line, and certainly don’t believe idah is the answer either imo?
    Rodgers has tried to use kyogo with dropping into the hole in front of the CBS earlier on in the season, and even though it produced goals for ourselves at CL level, it certainly didn’t work for ourselves within the SPFL?
    So until Rodgers actually decides upon how he wants to use a central striker, it nearly impossible to say weather we could be looking for a backup for kyogo or maybe even a replacement as 1st choice in leading the line?
    Miovski certainly looks like a player who may well suit the profile of what Rodgers wants as a central striker, and believe that he would be better money spent than that upon idah imo?
    Yet kyogo doesn’t seem to have the same enthusiasm under Rodgers that he had under Ange imo?
    And the changes within our attacking play doesn’t seem to suit kyogo either, so could it be a case that we may be looking at Miovski as a potential replacement for kyogo, with idah as the potential back up option?
    Certainly hope it doesn’t happen, but far from convinced that we will actually keep hold of kyogo for next season either imo?

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