McCoist’s comments “irresponsible, reckless and daft” says Chris Sutton

Chris Sutton has commented on his Sky Sports colleague’s disgraceful remarks about joining the rest of theRangers support in breaking the law at Ibrox on Sunday. Sutton of course was talking about Ally McCoist who earlier this week said he’d be breaking The Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act on Sunday, presumably concerning the religious aspect of the new legislation.

“Irresponsible, reckless and daft”

Sutton reckons that McCoist has been “irresponsible, reckless and daft” in claiming that Police Scotland will need to arrest him and 48k other supporters of theRangers at Ibrox on Sunday as they breach the new law which McCoist describe as ‘madness’.

McCoist has now ‘walked away’ from Ibrox as far at the game on Sunday is concerned after he revealed yesterday that he would now not be attending the Glasgow Derby due to a change of plans. He’ll now planning to spend a few days away with his family.

“He left himself wide open”

“He left himself wide open, you know, saying that he along with 48,000 will be committing a breach of the bill in that fixture,” Sutton said on the Daily Mail’s It’s All Kicking Off podcast.

“Look, I know Ally well, I’ve worked with Ally a lot. I suspect that his comments may have well been tongue in cheek. But if they weren’t, then got to say they were pretty reckless, irresponsible comments. Daft, I think his choice of words were clumsy. I know he’s not going to the game.

“Comments were slightly odd”

“He’s come out now and said that he’s not going to the game which may have not sort of got him out of it, but his way of getting out of the words which he used. He will have to address this one, I thought is comments were slightly odd in truth.”

Even if McCoist is not going to be at Ibrox to break the new law, the place will be jam-packed with tens of thousands who will have no problem at all doing just as McCoist himself had planned to do. Whether Police Scotland take any action remains to be seen. We will be watching.

And just a reminder that there will be no Celtic supporters at Ibrox this weekend. None.

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