Kris Boyd slapped down for Celtic handball claim by Sky colleague

Kris Boyd has been left embarrassed by his latest anti-Celtic comments while covering the games for Sky Sports. The Ibrox cheerleader questioned whether there may have been a handball for one of James Forrest’s strike against Dundee at Dens Park.

Speaking after the game, Boyd asked “Is there a handball there? Just checking.” However, the former Rangers striker received a rebuke from James McFadden – who is clearly running out of patience with the baiting from the Ibrox club.

“Do you not just want to talk about how good a finish it is? You finally get a good goal and you’re looking for a handball,” McFadden said.

Boyd quickly came back in a defensive manner, “I was just looking to see if there was one. Just asking the question.”

Celtic managed to grind out a victory at Dens Park where three points is all that matters. Now, Brendan Rodgers’ side know that they have five wins to rack up to deliver silverware and leave Boyd feeling bitter about his own club.

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