“I’ll always be available to Celtic,” Joe Hart

Joe Hart will NOT pursue a coaching career, as revealed exclusively to Celtic fan media, including Celtic Shorts, on Sunday evening at Celtic Park.

Prior to the ‘Evening with Joe Hart’ event, Hart spoke to fan media, and Celtic Shorts was in attendance.

It doesn’t necessarily do it for me

When the Celtic goalkeeper was asked if he is interested in going into goalkeeping coaching, Hart said: “No, I haven’t taken any coaching badges. That was quite a conscious decision. I know that the coaching line, or the management, is ingrained in a lot of people but it doesn’t necessarily do it for me.

“I want to help, I want to give back, but I feel like there are different ways I can help. I’ll always be available to Celtic if they ever need to lean on me for anything I can help with. I’ve made the manager aware of that, I’ve made the club aware of that but physically, coaching a specific team isn’t something I’m looking to do.”

Perhaps Joe will become a pundit? 

It’s been the talk amongst supporters on if Hart would turn goalkeeping coach, but with this news, begs the question of what will come next for the footballing legend. It would certainly be interesting to see him become a pundit if that’s the road he chooses to go down!

It would be interesting to see him around the club though, so I’m sure we can all be happy with the news that he has promised to be there should we ever need to call on him.

Since arriving in Glasgow in 2021, Hart has made sure his name is a part of Celtic history after helping Ange Postecoglou’s side to a historic eighth domestic treble.

Last year was pretty special

Hart said: “Last year was pretty special. Stood at the end of the season with all three trophies, that was a special day and something that I really enjoyed. I’m a guy who lives in the moment.

“I’m going to try [and be a part of Celtic history one last time]. I’m going to do everything I possibly can and leave it all on the line.”

Everything Joe Hart said to the Celtic fan media on Sunday night will be published on Thursday morning on our sister site, The Celtic Star, so watch out for that.

Jessica Elliott

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