Glasgow Derby Build-up is all about Mind Games

Brendan knows we need to win, he wants to win, it’s all about the mind games…

The late great John Lennon once sang “We’re playing those mind games together pushing the barrier, planting seed”. That’s simply what Brendan Rodgers is doing despite the frenzy his recent comments has received amongst our support.

Brendan caused a bit of a stir

Brendan yesterday in his press conference said that “it’s a game we clearly want to win, but we don’t need to”.

I can see why it caused a bit of a stir as we should always be looking to win every game we play especially against our biggest rivals, but if you think Brendan is setting his team up for anything less than a win then you’re  mistaken.

Superb Record 

It’s mind games pure and simple. Brendan has been around the block more than a few times, especially when it comes to this fixture. He knows what it’s all about off the field as well as on it. His own personal record in these Glasgow Derbies is absolutely superb and he’s honed his build-up approach, knowing what works and what doesn’t. So take everything Brendan said yesterday as a play and nothing else. A means to an end. The three points are the prize.

Brendan has done better that Clement

Sure this game is won on the pitch, but you can also give yourself an advantage off it by choosing your words wisely, and that’s what Brendan has done better that Clement who has given Celtic more than enough rope  with his comments on Callum McGregor and his assessment that his side were the better team in the Glasgow Derby at Celtic Park in December.

From the first whistle

Brendan by contrast has given them nothing at all to work with and that was deliberate.

Brendan, like the players will be eyeing a win from the first whistle tomorrow. Nothing less you can be rest assured. Any who are we to argue with his approach to these matches given his record?

Just an Ordinary Bhoy

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  1. Rodgers isn’t a stupid man by any means!
    His decision making has been questionable on many occasions this season, but doesn’t tend to make to many against the scum thankfully?
    Rodgers job might not be currently as secure as that of the scums bullshitter presently, but that can change very quickly within football, especially within games like a Glasgow Derby match?
    Wouldn’t have thought that the decision making upon Rodgers will be much of an issue to overcome tomorrow, regardless of cheating Beaton hoping to reduce the number of players that we can have on the field of the shithole imo?

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