Elena Sadiku gives Amy Gallacher green light for Hampden showdown

After a dominant 5-0 victory against Hearts on the Ghirls’ return to Paradise, Celtic FC Women manager Elena Sadiku spoke in the media room at Celtic Park. That win keeps Celtic FC Women two points clear at the top of the SWPL1 with just five games remaining.

But this weekend it’s all about the Scottish Cup semi-final against theRangers at Hampden on Saturday and we will be at Hampden tomorrow afternoon to speak to Elena Sadiku and her captain Kelly Clark ahead of the massive game at the national stadium on Saturday afternoon.

Positive news about Amy Gallacher

This injury was quite literally a pain in the backside for Amy Gallacher but Elena Sadiku told Celtic Shorts that she’ll be fit for Hampden on Saturday!

Celtic Shorts was in the media room at Celtic Park last Sunday afternoon and we will there at Hampden on Saturday to report on what hopefully is a memorable day for the Ghirls.

Meanwhile here’s everything that Elena had to say after that impressive 5-0 win against Hearts on Sunday afternoon, including some very positive news about Amy Gallacher being available to take on theRangers this weekend…

Q: Pleased with the performance?

Elena Sadiku: “Yeah. Just like we talked about before the game, about the pressure, this is what I mean. Our aim is still the same, it’s about putting in a good performance and getting those three points and that’s something that the players have done really well. It also looks like they’re enjoying playing the style of play which is something I’m really happy about.”

Q: Slightly different today going into the game knowing that both theRangers and Glasgow City had won. Does that change the complexion of the game and the pressure surrounding it?

Elena Sadiku:  “No. I don’t care what the other teams are doing, the only focus is on us. It’s not going to change the pressure on anything. The only thing we need to focus on is performing well. We’ve been performing well and that’s something that the girls are very confident about so that’s the only thing we’re going to focus on.”

Q: You have a fantastic goal difference now. Do you think that could come into play going into the final stretch?

Elena Sadiku:  “It’s something we need to think about but it’s also how we like to play football. We like creating many chances and we love to score goals so it’s something that we want to keep going. But obviously the goal different is something that we know about but it’s something that we can push on every game to still be creative and still create chances. That’s something we’ve been doing really well.”

Q: Is it important that you’re going into this final run-in with confidence and assurance because of recent form?

Elena Sadiku: “Yeah. I know that we have a long record but we’re trying to get into the trainings and knowing what we need to do, performing well, and that’s something that the games always been about. I feel like three games in one week, we had a great performance at Petershill and then against Hibs, I felt we were in control, but we let them in a little too much in the game because we didn’t score all the chances that we got. Then today [vs Hearts at Celtic Park], we were in control from the start till the end. And that’s something that we have as part of the group is that we want to dominate the games and I think that’s been showing.”

Q: You played like a team who looked like champions, is that important?

Elena Sadiku: “We look like champions? Oh, that’s good! Nothing that I’ve been thinking about but like I said, we are a team and that’s something I’ve been talking about. The togetherness in the team is strong and that’s something that we need to keep building on because it looks good. Five games left so we just need to focus on one game at a time.”

Q: Will Amy Gallacher be fit for the trip to Hampden for the Women’s Scottish Cup semi-final against theRangers on Saturday?

Elena Sadiku: “She should be fine.”

Q: That’s another huge game…

Elena Sadiku: “Every game is huge now. Obviously, it’s a big game, we know that Rangers are a good team. And that’s something that hopefully it’ll just be like this game. It’s at Hampden, big pitch. That’s something that we enjoyed so let’s hope for the best next Saturday.”

Q: You must be really proud of Murphy Agnew’s performance today [vs Hearts at Celtic Park]. Do you think she’s nailed on as a starter now?

Elena Sadiku: “It always comes down to, you need to perform to start. Murphy has been doing great and we’ve had some chats and she’s enjoying and is confident in the role that she has now. That makes me happy as a coach because you always want your players to feel well and be confident. She got a hat-trick today and she deserves it so I’m happy for her.”

Q: How confident are the squad right now that they can win the title?

Elena Sadiku: “If you look at the performance, then you know the answer.”

Q: What’s the status of Paula Partido?

Elena Sadiku: “Paula Partido is out for the rest of the season. Foot injury against Glasgow City.”

It is gearing up to be another big week for Celtic FC Women who will take to the Hampden Park stage once more this Saturday, 27 April.

The Ghirls take on Glasgow rivals theRangers in the semi-finals of the Scottish Gas Women’s Scottish Cup (KO: 12:15pm), and tickets for the match are available to buy online.


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