Beaton and the backbone in the Celtic Boardroom

Brendan Rodgers yesterday called out John Beaton in all his post-match interviews with Sky Sports, BBC Scotland, Celtic TV and in his post match media conference.

Even Lawrence Shankland reckoned that the Yang red card decision was harsh, while Hearts manager Steven Naismith said his side were fortunate with the award of a penalty.

Beaton, Rodgers reckoned changed the course of the game and was responsible for Celtic’s failure to take anything from the game.

Adam Idah’s weak penalty

The annoying thing about the red card is the it happened so soon after Adam Idah’s weak penalty effort was saved by Hearts goalkeeper Zander Clark. After two well taken spot kicks, one in each corner, against Hearts Idah decided to go down the middle this time.

But his connection was poor, his shot lacked hit and his entire effort lacked conviction. It was a bad miss and one that opened the door for John Beaton to do what John Beaton does when there’s a tight title challenge in the Scottish Premiership.

The question today is what Michael Nicholson is going to do about Beaton. We all witnessed theRangers reaction to Willie Collum’s VAR call back in late December, for a handball incident that occurred after a still to be reviewed offside check.

The penalty would never have been awarded but Collum did make an error. The resulting backlash has made him once again timid, too scared to give anything against theRangers. So in effect they extracted an advantage out of their defection and fake indignation.

That was all that they could achieve from their OTT reaction and it served its purpose. But for Celtic the Yang red card must be challenged, otherwise we lose the player for the next game. If it is not challenged that that’s pathetic from the Celtic Board and they should hang their heads in shame. It’s giving a green light to more of the same.

Crawford Allan in hiding?

And will we see Crawford Allan interrupt a holiday to appear on radio this season, like he did after a Kyogo goal that was too close to call for offside, was given? Or will he come out and congratulate Brendan Rodgers like he did for Philippe Clement after his pursuit of Willie Collum?

Most Celtic fans supporters will be astonished if he pops his head up about this row, after all it was only Celtic that was affected.

New Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers with Peter Lawwell and Michael Nicholson at Celtic Park on June 23, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Michael Nicholson must appeal the Yang red card first thing this morning. And if it was okay for theRangers to ask for no more Willie Collum (that worked perfectly well the previous time they did that did it not?), then Celtic should do the same about Beaton.

In fact the previous time Beaton did this to manufacture a 1-0 New Year win for theRangers when Brendan Rodgers was at Celtic first time around, Celtic should have had him chased from the game.

Imagine a Liverpool fan on VAR duty during a Merseyside Derby

Having a Rangers supporter sitting looking at a monitor to manufacture outcomes that helps the team he supports in their attempt to win the league is an absolute joke. It doesn’t;t happen anywhere else? Can you imagine a Liverpool fan on VAR duty during a Merseyside Derby? It would never happen and it shouldn’t happen in Scotland.

Celtic should be leading on this and we’ll know if there’s a backbone in our boardroom sometime today when we hear if the club have appealed the Yang red.

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  1. Blatant match fixing Beaton should be suspended from all matches until the end of the season also the cup final every third party observers agree his decision was wrong this will go down as another honest mistake but it’s still 3 points lost

  2. While agreeing with the manager over Beaton there is no getting away with the fact that ,apart from the Dundee game , we have been dross since the start of the year .
    Anyone who watches our games will know what I am talking about.
    Apparent lack of commitment and effort ,and in some cases , interest in playing for either our club ,our manager or both
    If Brendan has final say on transfers then he must take responsibility for some of the less than mediocre players we have .
    If he doesn’t have final say ,then why is he still here ??
    Cash ? Or the realisation that his merits as a manager have rapidly went down hill over the last 5 years .

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