An investigation into the Scottish weather. You couldn’t make it up

There’s talk that there will now be a official SPFL enquiry into the postponement of Sunday’s Scottish Premiership clash between Dundee and theRangers at a waterlogged Dens Park. And there are even supporters of the latest Ibrox club demanding that Dundee forfeit the points to send the club Charles green founded back to the top of the table.

Self entitlement is staggering

Imagine, an enquiry into why a game was called off due to the unpredictable Scottish weather. Bemusing isn’t it? Well not when it’s concerning theRangers it isn’t. They really think they are more important than anyone else. Their self entitlement is staggering.

It’s not hard to grasp why the game was shelved. The game was called off due to the horrendous state of the Dens Park pitch. It’s the fourth time this season that the Dark Blues have had a fixture cancelled due to an unplayable surface.

Sanctions being imposed

There’s also talk of sanctions being imposed on the club due to the state of their pitch. But was there an enquiry or sanctions issued over the previous postponements? Nope there was not. So why the clamour to get this one dealt with?

17th March 2024; Dens Park, Dundee; Scottish Premiership Football, Dundee versus Rangers; Dundee staff and volunteers work on the pitch to try to get make the match playable after heavy rain. Photo ActionPlus David Young

It’s simple really, theRangers and their supporters are nodding towards foul play being responsible. But in reality it should be Dundee who should feel more aggrieved.

Dundee wanted the game played and were willing to try a later kick off while theRangers on the other hand didn’t seem too fussed about the postponement.

Clement’s bizarre claim

Phillipe Clement also bizarrely claimed that the club knew nothing about the possibility of the match being abandoned until near kick off, despite the new club’s official social media page posting about an 9.15am pitch inspection as early as 8 o’clock that morning. Dundee should have responded by saying ‘didn’t you get our email?’ If you know, you know.

Let’s make one thing clear, the postponement favoured one side and that was theRangers. The Ibrox side would have been leg weary after their energy zapping Europa league defeat to Benfica last Thursday night.

A ploughed field

They would have been dreading playing on a ploughed field with the bruising effects of Thursday’s game weighing them down both physically and psychologically. Can you imagine the uproar if the game went ahead and they dropped points while also losing a player or two to injury?

The postponement gives them the opportunity to rest legs over the break and come back fresh and raring to go. Yet they still feel the need to complain. They really are a strange entitled bunch.

Just an Ordinary Bhoy

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