James Forrest praised by Rodgers but time running out on Celtic career

Brendan Rodgers has given an update on veteran Celtic winger James Forrest who has not been involved in match-day squads in recent matches, despite Celtic’s wide players generally struggling to make an impact on games, with perhaps the one exception being South Korean international Yang who impressed at the weekend when coming off the bench against Motherwell.

Forrest’s absence in these circumstances has Benn a mystery so it was interesting to here this fan media question at the end of yesterday’s pre-match media conference ahead of tonight’s Celtic v Dundee match at Celtic Park.

Rodgers was asked: “Can I ask you about James Forrest? He has not contributed much recently. Is he fit? You have tried a few wingers and is he maybe someone that can contribute and is he close to being available?”

And the Celtic manager responded candidly. “James is available. He has been training. He has been an amazing servant to this club. I am sure over the last few games he might well have a part to play in it.

“For me, looking at the team we need to have intensity and that relentless mentality and there is no doubting James’s ability. That is never in question. As a winger in terms of ability, he is the best one we have. There is no question of that.

“How we ask the game to be played and the intensity of it, the consistent running as you get older becomes a challenge, I am pretty sure there will be a point over these next 11 games where James will be required.

“He is training so well and keeping himself ready. He is a top professional and looks after himself and his body every day and if he is required to play then he will do,” the Celtic manager said.

So while there is plenty of well deserved accolades for a brilliant Celtic servant, there is also an appreciation that time is catching up with Jamesy and as far as being a regular performer in the Celtic team, it looks like he may be seeing out the remainder of this season before perhaps considering a move elsewhere.

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