Marco Tilio’s Melbourne City loan deal best for all involved

Marco Tilio’s new loan deal with Melbourne City is best solution for all involved…

Marco Tilio spent the last part of the season at former club Melbourne city, and yesterday agreed to extend that for a further year.  The Celtic winger will now spend the entirety of next season back in his homeland.

Celtic spent £2m on the Australian prospect 

Marco was signed for £2 million, a record transfer outgoing from the Aussie A league, and expectations were high for the Australian international.  However he made only a couple of appearances before heading back to his former club where his injury woes continued with hamstring issues limiting him to just a handful of appearances and just one goal.

Marco certainly didn’t have much luck on the injury front, while probably finding it hard to settle in a new country, so there have been reasons behind his failure to make an impact at Celtic.

Rodgers is looking to work with a smaller squad

There were hopes that Marco would come back and fight for a place in the first team in pre-season, but this is a deal that will be best for all involved. Brendan Rodgers is looking to work with a smaller squad this season and that means fringe players like Tilio will find it harder to make the breakthrough.

It may also have been one of the reasons why Rocco Vata opted to sign for Watford rather than fight for his place at Celtic where a new contract was on the table.

Realistically Marco would have found it tough to make the breakthrough with the likes of Yang, James Forrest, Nicolas Khun, Diazen Maeda and Luis Palma in front of him. So this deal is probably in the best interests of everyone, including Melbourne City who have the player and Celtic’s cash.

Just an Ordinary Bhoy

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  1. Another deal that didn’t work, so now just trying to recoup as much as our outlay as possible now?
    Still have way to many players in the same position within the club, and got no idea why an approach of stock piling players would really work out well for ourselves?
    Of course from a business point of view, the ones who do succeed, more than covers the ones who don’t in money terms for ourselves?
    But as a club we need to be operating on a better basis than that, especially with carrying the big club tag?
    But these are the results gained when a lawwell is involved in the recruitment process within the club, and not having a clue upon how a squad for ourselves has to be constructed, especially to gain success outside of Scottish football?
    Our focus has to be aimed moreso towards CL now, within the squad building process imo?
    Doesn’t mean that every player we sign is going to be of CL quality, as our budget doesn’t allow for the likes.
    Yet watching the euros over the summer, many lesser nations caused plenty of problems for the so called bigger nations?
    Similar to where we find ourselves within CL football regarding the available budget terms?
    Yet the key is getting an organised team where everyone within the squad knows there jobs and roles within it imo?
    Seen how horribly wrong it can go when not getting that right, and Scotland were a great example on show?
    So reflecting upon ourselves last season, and what has been on show within the euros to date, there are glaring problems within our own set up that not only needed to be addressed, but rectified also drastically, to where our club has to start operating imo?
    Still believe it’s easier to make such changes at club level, with able to bring in players that suits the structure of how a manager wants to create his squad?
    On the international front, to many players are asked to fit into a structure that’s totally different than what they are asked to produce at club level?
    We have similar problems in regards the quality we face at SPFL level and that at CL level?
    So we have a big gap to reduce in terms of structure within our overall squad and how we intend to approach the totally different challenges involved?
    Yet they can be achieved by getting the overall look of our squad correct imo?
    We never really had a look about ourselves as a CL team last season, regardless of a few decent enough performances produced, but still well short of the required standard required for ourselves to succeed all the same?
    Course that is affected more so with injuries impacting ourselves hugely, without having the overall squad set up properly for ourselves either?
    We have been in the same position for the last 2 CL campaign, but hopefully that will be changed for next season in our approach?
    Players like Tilo who couldn’t make an impact for ourselves at SPFL level, are certainly not going to produce at CL level, so what is the point of signing them in the first place?
    We still have to reduce that gap in quality between 1st and 2nd choice player’s in positions, as them fine margins in quality can be the difference as the euros has shown to date?
    Would like to think that the club was trying to build for this new format within the CL, which I also believe will suit ourselves better?
    But we hardly helped ourselves with the process taken last summer, that leaves ourselves with far more work required this summer than it needed to be imo?
    Costly mistakes taken, and luckily they won’t impact ourselves to much thankfully, bet the scum and it’s cheerleaders could make such a claim?
    We can recover from our mistakes, the scum just dig themselves further into the heap of cow dung, best place for them to remain also?

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