Celtic shirts awaiting signings, we don’t need Keevins stating the obvious

Let’s be clear, we don’t need Hugh Keevins to tell us panic is starting to set in over our lack of transfers incomings. We’re not fans of the tribute act, we’re not blind to our own club’s frailties…

Hugh Keevins has had another pop at Celtic in his latest column. Although, to be fair, this time auld Shug has a point with his comments on the lack of incoming transfer activity at Celtic Park.

It seems like ages since we heard from the bitter auld hack, and how he must be giddy at the thought of pushing more of his anti-Celtic drivel that pays his wages.

To be fair to Shug, and despite him only preaching as part of his usual anti-Celtic agenda, he is not far wrong about panic starting to spread among the supporters. Okay, maybe not quite panic just yet but certainly the annoyance levels are increasing with each passing day.

We don’t need Shug or any other mainstream media hack to point that out to us. And we know what Celtic needs to do before the start of the season, it’s not exactly rocket science. The Celtic support won’t be burying our heads in the sand and the support reckons that Brendan Rodgers is determined to add the quality needed to take Celtic further, especially on the European stage.

Yes, we need new recruits and we need them asap. We know what we need going into the new campaign, and don’t need the likes of Hugh Keevins telling us.

We’re not as gullible as the supporters of the tribute act who play out of Ibrox. We know what our club needs, and will expect the club to back the manager properly in this window. We know what they need to do, and we will always be on hand to remind them.

Just an Ordinary Bhoy

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