Call me cynical – Celtic linked with £7m plus Burnley defender Dara O’Shea

Celtic were last night linked with an interest in signing Dara O’Shea from relegated Burnley, but is all as it seems?

Dara O’Shea has been linked with a move to Celtic. 

Celtic have been linked with a move for Burnley centre back Dara O’Shea. The 25 year old played 33 games for the clarets last season as they suffered relegation from the EPL.

Experienced Ireland International 

With 26 caps for the Republic of Ireland as well as EPL experience, O’Shea is the sort of player we should be looking at, and we should welcome such rumours, but is all as it seems?

After all O’Shea only signed for the Clarets last summer in a £7 million deal from West Brom, and you’d expect they would be looking to profit on the centre back if he were to move on. He did struggle in the early stages of his debut season at Burnley but settled into the team as the season progressed but was unable to prevent the club dropping back into the Championship.

Dara O’Shea celebrating 

Burnley will be looking of at least £10m surely?

You’d imagine that Burnley would be wanting at least £10 million for the Irishman.  When you consider he was a first team regular last term, and despite suffering relegation they won’t be needing the cash. Like all sides who drop out the EPL they receive a healthy parachute payment.

I can’t see Celtic parting with that sort of money, so it’s a little strange that we would be linked with such a player.

A classic bit of spin?

Call me cynical but could this just be a classic bit of spin? You know get it out there that we’re looking for a quality player, but we were priced out in the end.  We tried our best, honest.

Or maybe we’re looking at a lowball offer?  We might be hoping that the new Burnley boss, when appointed, will have his own signing targets in mind.

He will therefore be looking to offload a few players from the relegated squad and has a £5m Celtic bid on the table.

I hope that I’m wrong and we actually sign Dara O’Shea but I can’t see it myself.

Just an Ordinary Bhoy

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  1. Hardly cynical when I would class this rumour more into the bullshit bracket myself?
    Was hoping that an end of this loan to buy was in the offering this window, with being a bit more adventurous and decisive in identifying players and actually getting them to sign for our club?
    In this case for O’Shea, if any truth in it? Which I very much doubt, would be at best a loan to buy option for him?
    Personally never seen nothing in O’Shea as a player with the Republic, to suggest that he would be a good addition to our team imo?
    Admittedly the Republic are a very poor international team presently, so was very surprised that Burnley even signed him in the first place, as never seen him as a EPL player imo?
    Like yourself, I wouldn’t be surprised for ourselves to start throwing out potential credible names, to potentially speed up, answers from our real potential targets imo?
    Would expect a number of our potential targets, to be having offers from other clubs, so understand the waiting game?
    But how long are we prepared to keep playing this waiting game, with potential targets taking so long to be making decisions?

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