Rudi Vata gives positive Celtic update

Rocco Vata’s dad Rudi has given a positive update on the young player’s future at Celtic, despite worries over his future at the Glasgow club.

Rocco Vata is a name on the Celtic roster that has accumulated quite a bit of interest over the past few years. Although 19-year-old Vata is still considered to be one of the most exciting prospects created by the Celtic Academy in recent years, his struggle to achieve first-team football has led many to believe his future at the club is in doubt.

Recently, Celtic have offered Rocco a four-year contract with improved terms in a bid to secure the young man’s future. However, a recent update from his father, Rudi Vata, seems to have put the Celtic following at ease.

UEFA European Under 21 Qualifier Group A, San Marino Stadium, San Marino 22/3/2024 San Marino vs Republic of Ireland Irelands Rocco Vata Rocco Vata 22/3/2024. Photo INPHO/Luca Sighinolfix 

Rudi’s update

Already well-known by the Celtic support, Rudi Vata’s connection to Paradise goes back to the 1990s, when he helped the Bhoys win the 1993 Scottish Cup final. Although he doesn’t say anything for certain, Rudi has given his take on his son’s current situation and hopes that he keeps the Vata connection to Celtic strong.

Speaking on Off the Ball, Rudi said…

“I always felt that you need to build your first house in the place where you are born and in the place where you learn the ABC of football. And he has done that.

Gone through the alphabet

“He’s gone through the alphabet and been through all the stages. I think and I always thought he can do it there and he can make it big because I remember Rocco, he’s been different.

UEFA European Under 21 Qualifier Group A, San Marino Stadium, San Marino 22/3/2024 San Marino vs Republic of Ireland Irelands Rocco Vata celebrates scoring a goal with Tony Springett Rocco Vata celebrates scoring a goal with Tony Springett 22/3/2024. Photo  INPHO/Luca Sighinolfix _DSC1884A

“Since he was born he’s been a different child. I think he’s been unique since he was born. And I think God chooses him for his own reason. And I think he realises that because I always told him God give you something very special, just work on it.

“I think his attitude, his mentality, he has built up those three things that I always told him to work hard. To build up the mindset mentality, character and personality.

Hopefully, it’ll be at Celtic

“So he built those three things and those three things nobody can take from you. So I think now he’s ready to get first-team football and explode his talent. And hopefully, it’ll be at Celtic. But until it’s done, you never know.”

Although Rocco’s future at Celtic is still uncertain, it’s clear that Rudi is keen for him to stay and rack up more game time for Celtic’s first team. As of now, Rocco has only made six appearances for the first team over the past two seasons. With that said, he has been a key player for the Celtic B team, with 23 goals from 52 appearances. So, Rocco is certainly a player who is showing a lot of promise, and hopefully, he will follow his father’s advice and pursue game time for the Celtic first team.

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