Experiencing Estadio National 57 years after Celtic’s greatest triumph

While I was on holiday in Lisbon earlier this month, I was able to make the journey out to the Estadio National, the place where Celtic won the European Cup in 1967.

A short car ride from the centre of Lisbon (which cost me roughly €6), took me all the way to the entrance of the Estadio National. Although the front gates were all locked, I was able to catch the attention of the groundskeeper who subsequently let me in and proceeded to give me a tour of the entire ground.

He started by showing me around the changing rooms, which have the plack outside detailing Celtic’s heroic win. He then took me down the long tunnel and then up to the pitch, along the stands and then up to the box where Billy McNeill lifted the trophy in 1967.

In all truth, it is hard to put into words how incredible this experience was. Before arriving at the stadium I thought it was going to be like visiting any other stadium that I have been to. But I couldn’t have been more wrong.

As it stands right now, the stadium has barely changed since the 60s. You get a real sense of magic in the air when thinking about the history that unfolded there 57 years ago.

I would compare the experience to visiting the Colosseum for example, instead of visiting a different stadium. You really get the sense that history happened here and that what happened was special.

Also, I really wanted to mention that the groundskeeper at the stadium was incredible. You could tell he was very happy to let Celtic fans into the stadium and to show them about. He was very talkative and proved to be a big Celtic fan.

He also allowed me to take some grass home so I could plant it and have a slice of Lisbon at home in Scotland. While there was no mention of money, I was happy to slip him a few notes to thank him for his time and his genuine appreciation for Celtic and our supporters.

Last Chance

Sadly, the stadium is going through some renovation work in February, so time is running out to see the stadium as it stands now. While the magic will still remain in the air, seeing the stadium in its unchanged state is truly remarkable and I would highly recommend anyone to go and see it before its renovations.


  1. I’m so glad you were able to get into the stadium.
    I went up to the stadium in May after checking dates with Celtic and the stadium that we could get in.
    Upon arrival there was a lot movement at the stadium where I was told there was a marathon being run soon and the final lap was around the park. I pleaded with security but was out of luck.
    The security guy was super nice but doing his job,
    he said come back June 10th.
    Devastated Bhoy.

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