Video: ‘Top six finish’ says Brendan Rodgers on Celtic’s Premier League chances

Brendan Rodgers has revealed how he thinks Celtic would fare in the Premier League, and comments that Celtic would likely finish in the top six teams.

Although the situation is extremely unlikely, it is always a question which invokes conversation: how would Celtic do in the Premier League?

The Celtic manager, Brendan Rodgers has now given his views on the question, after being asked by TalkSport. Obviously, Rodgers has vast experience not only with Celtic but within the Premier League as well, managing Leicester to an FA Cup final win, and almost getting Liverpool over the line to a Premier League win.

As a manager with experience in both leagues, his opinion on this question holds a lot of weight. Speaking on this topic Rodgers said, “Celtic is an absolutely massive club worldwide, and if Celtic was in the Premier League, they would finish in that top six bracket minimum”.

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