The irony of the Rangers supporters knows no bounds

The irony of the Rangers supporters knows no bounds…

First of all let me start this by saying that I don’t condone the actions of a tiny element of the Celtic supporters who were out in force as a huge number celebrated Saturday’s title presentation with a huge gathering in the Merchant City.

19 arrests from a crowd of 25,000

It has been reported that 19 folk were arrested and several others embarrassed themselves and the rest of the Celtic supporters with their drunken behaviour on what was meant to be a fun day out to celebrate Celtic’s title win.

Don’t get me wrong the overwhelming majority of the estimated 25,000 who flocked to the city centre were well behaved and represented themselves and the club with great pride. So while that small number is disappointing, it’s not that bad in the grand scheme of things.

However even though it’s a small number, it’s still too many and those responsible should be ashamed of themselves for not only their actions, but giving our haters a chance to paint us in a bad light.

By haters I mean the Rangers supporters and the SMSM, which is often one and the same. The Ibrox hordes and the media pack were all too quick to comment on the small percentage of troublemakers who let us down.

Was Manchester really down to Chelsea fans?

But you can’t help but laugh at the two faced behaviour of the Rangers supporters. Yes I know it’s not surprising, but really? Taking the moral high ground after the damage and mayhem they caused during their solitary title win in 2021, during a global pandemic as well. And do they think we’ve forgotten all about MANCHESTER, or was that really Chelsea fans? That’s irony at its finest.

They’ve also been shouting about the ‘lack of media coverage’ over the isolated incidents. Yes it makes me laugh too. It’s only been reported on every news outlet from STV, the beeb, and Sky.

Stupid Bears

It’s been well circulated on social media news accounts also, as well as the papers. Even funnier is that the stupid bears have been highlighting the media coverage to complain about the lack of media coverage! Make it make sense!

They’ll wake up tomorrow morning just as angry and Celtic will still be Champions.  That’s who we are, a great Aussie once told us. And he was right.

Just an Ordinary Bhoy

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  1. The amount of fans arrested is minuscule compared to what the west end mob’s fans did in George Square, after their one and only championship. But of course we have always been the minority in Scotland and it doesn’t help the polis have their blue Castore shirts underneath their white shirt. I’m so proud to be a Celtic fan, and I live in the Chicago area. Grew up in Ralston before moving here in 1980. All the best… Peter Mc Lombard Illinois

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