Keep politics out of football, unless…

Keep politics out of football, unless it’s Murdo Fraser & Co manipulating theRangers supporters…

We’ve often been told through the media that politics has no place in football. In most instances it’s when the Celtic supporters have raised a banner in support of Palestine, or voiced their disapproval at the draconian Tory government whose cruel policies dictate how our country is governed. Or even highlighting the failings of our own SNP Government.


I don’t see a problem with it, football supporters are human beings and prominent members of society, so we can have our say, and if that’s at the football so be it. We live in a democracy after all.

So theRangers ultras, the Onion Bears on Sunday displayed a banner of their own criticising the SNP during yesterday’s game with Kilmarnock at Ibrox. Ironically the same SNP government who helped their club stay afloat during covid with a generous interest free £3 million loan, which is still to be repaid.

But let’s forget about that, as theRangers supporters like the rest of us are allowed an opinion on the politics that affect our day to day lives. It’s just a shame they don’t often call out the wicked policies enforced by the Tories in Westminster that continually drag our country down.

They are entitled to voice their disapproval

But they are entitled to voice their disapproval at those who are running Scotland, it’s their right after all. We would all be hypocrites if we slammed them for voicing their beliefs when we regularly do it ourselves.

We’ll leave the hypocrisy to the SMSM who regularly hammer our supporters for voicing their political opinions at games, yet totally overlooked yesterday’s display of political disapproval by the Rangers supporters, but did jump up and down with excitement, believing that the fake Green Brigade banner that the Onion Bears displayed was genuine.

Rangers v Kilmarnock – cinch Premiership – Onion Bears hold up upside down banners aimed at Celtic fans during the cinch Premiership match at Ibrox on Sunday May 5, 2024. Photo: Andrew Milligan

They faked a Green Brigade Banner

In a close title race  they faked a Green Brigade Banner (the font is nowhere near the one used by the Celtic ultras) rather than focus on trying to push their fake club towards the title.  Not that you read that conclusion in the papers yesterday.

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