“Celtic is that connection between the supporters, the players, the manager,” Brendan Rodgers

Brendan Rodgers recently explained to Celtic Shorts the three things that for him define Celtic’s HOLY TRINITY…

The Celtic manager said: “Celtic is that connection between the supporters, the players, the manager. If there’s one bit of that missing, it’s not the same.”

Rodgers returned to the club in June of last year but some fans had their doubts after how he left the club back in 2019. He famously said that he’ll “see you back here in May” if you doubted him, and standing on the sidelines on trophy day whilst a packed-out Celtic Park chanted support for him, it’s safe to say he’s won over his doubters within the Celtic support.

“I know that Celtic can be a club that worries a little bit”

Callum McGregor and Joe Hart lift the Scottish Premiership trophy after the match between Celtic FC v St Mirren at Celtic Park on May 18, 2024. (Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images)

Brendan added: “I know that Celtic can be a club that worries a little bit. We fret, don’t we? But that’s a good thing because it keeps us humble. The connection’s important but I always knew this was going to take time and obviously, today helped and it was amazing, and we’ll get there. I understand why people would be wary and I respect that. What I knew is that when we come together, that’s when our real strengths come out.”

“It’s a different sport then for us”

Rodgers also identified the catalyst in his team, saying: “It’s the recognition that we’re in a fight. And that, naturally, we’ll fight together. After Hearts away, we had to recognise, right, we need to stay together here. And then the last few months, you just felt that connection and you see the energy flow down into the players and it’s a different sport then for us.”

Brendan Rodgers agreed a three-year deal upon his return to the club and assured supporters that he will see it out. Although he has been subject to a lot of criticism, ‘box office Brendan’ is here to stay and lifting another trophy on Saturday would round off a good campaign for the Hoops.

First ever Glasgow Derby Scottish Cup Final 

He’s done almost everything in domestic football in Scotland but one thing that’s he’s not done yet is beat theRangers in a Scottish Cup Final. No Celtic manager has because this Saturday is the first ever Glasgow Derby Scottish Cup Final and it will be one that Brendan Rodgers will be desperate to win.

Jessica Elliott

 James Forrest celebrates scoring Celtic’s third goal of the game during the cinch Premiership match at  Rugby Park against Kilmarnock on Wednesday 15, 2024. Photo JaneBarlow

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