Brendan on Celtic’s Holy Trinity, Alistair Johnston on our elite manager and the POTY awards

I’m just back from Lennoxtown after attending the pre-match media conference ahead of Celtic’s trip to Kilmarnock tomorrow evening. First up was Alistair Johnston, who reckons he’s been very lucky after that tackle at the weekend, but he’s fit and available for tomorrow night.

Alistair Johnston gives Celtic Shorts his opinion on Brendan Rodgers  and POTY Awards at the Hydro…

I asked the Canadian two questions, firstly about the importance of Brendan Rodgers to the players at the business end of the season (compare and contrast with the Belgian waffler across the city).

Then I asked Alistair for the players reaction to the POTY Awards at the Hydro on Sunday evening where 11,000 Celtic supporters made it an extra special occasion.

Next up was Brendan Rodgers and due to time constraints, the broadcast and fan media were joined by the hacks from the written press so it was mostly one question each.

Brendan Rodgers on Celtic’s Holy Trinity – Players, manager and supporters 

For Celtic Shorts, I asked Brendan about a previous remark he’d made about the Holy Trinity at Celtic of the players, the manager and the supporters and how that new seems to be back as strong as before, especially over the past few games.

Brendan’s answer showed the mark of the man, going out of his way to recognise the views of the ever decreasing band of supporters who might still hold a grudge about the way he left the club in 2019.

“I think that’s important for everyone, not just for me. I mentioned it earlier, it’s probably been a little bit awkward in those first six months, and maybe even now for some supporters,” Brendan Rodgers told Celtic Shorts.

“They may never be able to shake off that feeling, and I respect that, and I understand that, and I’ll deal with that the best I can. What I will do is keep looking forward, and the best way to do that is with everyone together.

“We’ve seen that, in particular, over the last three months or so, that unity. We’ve had periods in the season where we haven’t had supporters in, the stadium’s been quiet, and for me, that’s not Celtic.

“Celtic is very much that unification of supporters, players, and managers all for one cause. When that comes together, we’ve seen it so many times over so many years, and we’ve seen it this year – when it comes together it’s such a symbol of strength. Our plan and hopefully our motion going forward is to stay that way.”

Not sure what game you will be watching this evening but we know that the Celtic manager is looking forward to watching Tottenham v Manchester City and will NOT be watching the game at Ibrox which is also on television this evening.

Brendan Rodgers on Matt O’Riley’s future 

Brendan said Celtic are NOT looking to sell Matt O’Riley this summer, pointing out that the club’s POTY recently signed a long term contract at the club. However if a big offer comes in then it will have to be considered.

Brendan also said that work is underway for the summer transfer window and he is working closely with the Celtic CEO Michael Nicholson on that, but for the moment it’s all about the game at Kilmarnock tomorrow night where on way of another Celtic should be celebrating another title win.

Yang the only injury concern, but he’s fine too

In terms of team news ahead of the game at Rugby Park, only Yang has had a slight issue with his foot but is  good to go as is Alistair Johnston and the rest of the squad, although the manager sort of suggested that he’ll make a few changes, as he starts to think about the Scottish Cup Final against theRangers.

Celtic Shorts will also attend the post match media conference at Celtic Park this Saturday (Trophy Day) against St Mirren. That’s going to be a very special day as 60,000 Celtic supporters get to celebrate the title win together.

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