The remarkable Daizen Maeda is Tavernier’s worst nightmare

It was presumed that Daizen Maeda was ruled out for the rest of the season, but rumours have been circulating that the energetic Japanese international could be back in contention for a place in the first team as early as next week.

And it appears that the rumours could be correct with reports emerging that Brendan Rodgers has told a group of Celtic investors that Daizen could be back next weekend for the visit of Hearts to Celtic Park. That’s a week ahead of the Glasgow Derby, again at Celtic Park.

Daizen is made of strong stuff

We all know how resilient Daizen is, but can he defy the odds to make a remarkable recovery to aid our title fight? Daizen is made of strong stuff, and is a remarkable player. His attitude is exactly what’s needed in a title fight. His teammates love him and his opponents hate him, that tells you all you need to know about Daizen.

It could just be rumours, but there’s no smoke without fire, and it wouldn’t surprise anyone to see Daizen back so soon. If it is indeed true then it would be a big shot in the arm to the side to have someone as industrious as Daizen back for the run in.

Tav’s worst nightmare

He has his critics but he’s one of those players that you only really miss when he’s absent. To have him back with so many massive games coming up would be a massive boost where our title and Scottish Cup chances are concerned. Daizen seems to shine in these Glasgow Derby matches and causes the 32 year-old captain of theRangers all sorts of problems.

Daizen’s early return is Tav’s worst nightmare.

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