The BBC’s Tom English is a peculiar man, why did he move to Scotland?

Tom showing his true colours yet again…

Tom English of the BBC is a peculiar man. Reckoned to be a rugby expert, yet he’s employed to cover the Scottish Football game having been chased out of Ireland by the Irish Rugby. Google the story.

Toes the BBC party line

Tom, you’d reckon as an Irishman would have a bit of a leaning towards Celtic, but it’s quite the opposite and he toes the BBC party line and sticks the boot into our club at every opportunity.

Whether that’s in print, on the radio or on social media, it’s quite a regular occurrence with Tom English.

Yesterday he reverted to what he does best and attacked the Celtic support. Tom like the majority of his BBC colleagues would have been upset after Celtic opened the scoring at Livingston with his feelings coming to the surface through his post on X immediately after the goal.

Tom decided to comment on the choice of song sung by the Celtic supporters just after the goal.

Whether you agree with the songbook or want to debate the rights and wrongs of it, isn’t the issue. The issue is Toms selective hearing when it comes to songs being belted from the stands.

Vile sectarian and racist chanting

Tom regularly sits through theRangers games through his media work and much like his colleagues never utters a word about the vile sectarian and racist chanting that is clearly heard on national television and radio.

This will be highlighted next week when Tom and his fellow colleagues will be present at a packed Ibrox with fifty thousand of theRangers supporters singing about slaying Catholics and celebrating genocide amongst other disgusting chants about being up to their knees in blood. Our blood.

Tom and his colleagues as usual will not open their mouths on such a subject. Maybe Tom should grow a pair and show such some consistency on a subject that he feels so strongly about.

But Tom as one sided as he is, isn’t daft. He has a well paid job after all and doesn’t want to lose it after what happened to him in Ireland. Keep toeing that party line Uncle Tom.

Just an Ordinary Bhoy

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  1. Couldn’t find the Tom English chased out of Ireland story by googling it – any links please?

  2. Story goes Tom English wrote an article about Pat Whelan and a breakdown in his relations with another Irish Rugby coach during ill fated 5 Nations campaign. Later Whelan allegedly assaulted English in Limerick bar toilets. English wrote about that incident in Sunday Times article (link below). Whelan resigned (second article below), stating not related to assault and English apparently found himself black-balled by IRFU and thereafter somewhat ostracised and eventually washed up (I think) at Scotland on Sunday whereby he in no way found that succulent lamb consumption was the way to forward your journalism career in Scotland.

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