Sutton showing his class, is sharp contrast to Souness

Graeme Souness yesterday bizarrely claimed that Chris Sutton was somehow influencing the outcome of the VAR decisions on Sunday due to his ‘biased’ commentary on Sky Sports.

Firstly for Souness to claim that anyone is biased is laughable. Secondly how can those in the VAR studio have any inkling of what Chris is saying during a live televised match?

Baffling claim

It’s a quite baffling claim to be honest. However Chris Sutton is bang on the money and he makes the claims of Souness even more absurd. Sutton may wind up theRangers supporters now and again due to his love of Celtic. However he also calls out what he sees without a hint of bias. Unlike his Sky Sports colleague Kris Boyd who wears his anti-Celtic feelings as a badge of dishonour.

Today Chris Sutton quite rightly hit back at Souness.  He delivered a perfectly worded and coherent response, unlike that drivel from Souness yesterday.

Kenny Miller agreed

If anyone is showing bias it’s the former EBT talking former Rangers manager. Did Fabio Silva cheat his way through the game and trick VAR into giving a penalty kick? Yes of course he did, it was clear for all to see. Even Kenny Miller agreed on commentary, does Souness think he too was trying to influence the VAR team?

Souness picked the wrong target in Chris Sutton, as he soon found out. It was like Men against Bhoys at Blackburn all over again, ending with Souness looking like a spoilt little petulant loser..


delivers brilliant response to Souness on Ibrox diver

Just an Ordinary Bhoy

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