“I’m aware that I’m not at the level that I would like due many circumstances,” Luis Palma

Luis Palma has been somewhat of an enigma since he joined Celtic last summer from Aris in Greece. The Honduran winger has chipped in with a fair amount of goals and assists this campaign but has never really threatened to make that left-wing role his own and when both he and Daizen Maeda are fit, it’s telling that most supporters would opt for the industrious Japanese star instead of Luis.

Palma’s tricks, flicks and frills

Technically sound and even daring at times, there are those that accuse the South American of being too individualistic and eager to inflate his image above the team. The tricks, flicks and frills that accompany his style of play can be entertaining, yet on a considerable amount of times, flatter to deceive when we are chasing a goal in the opponents final third.

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Something hasn’t quite clicked

This season hasn’t been as smooth a transition as we would have liked when Brendan Rodgers came back up the road to Scottish football and Celtic Park. It’s been obvious from the performances that something hasn’t quite clicked and we may need another two transfer windows to correct what should have been a few tweaks here or there when Ange Postecoglou left last June.

Plagued by injuries

Injuries haven’t helped in this respect too and combined with the poor recruitment, it’s been a recipe for disaster at times. Luis has been unfortunate too that he has been plagued by injuries at times as well, and this all plays a factor in finding your rhythm at a football club – particularly when your a new signing. By his own admission, the player thinks he hasn’t been able to show his best qualities as of yet, but is hopeful that he can show the truest version of himself in the future at Celtic.

Luis Palma revealed on social media site Instagram after the match on Saturday:

“In my career I have had many high and lows but I have always been able to get up and I’m aware that I’m not at the level that I would like due many circumstances but I’m working day by day to reach that level that I know I can reach. Today was an extraordinary job. I’m very proud of this group. We’re going ahead. See you in the final. 25th May. Thanks to all the fans for that unconditional support,” Luis Palma

Paul Gillespie

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  1. I know our main focus lately has been our defence, especially after Saturday?
    Yet we still can’t ignore the effect the Maeda injury could still cause ourselves imo?
    Yang certainly doesn’t look comfortable upon the left, and was starting to look decent enough with Yang and kuhn upon the right and giving us much better balance on our right hand side, especially with AJ starting to return to form and linking up well with our wide players imo?
    The left hand side hasn’t looked to great all season in creativity terms imo?
    Yet we possibly could be looking at Palma and forrest to occupy the wide left position until the end of the season?
    Forrest has done very well in his cameos from the bench, when the game opens up moreso, yet doesn’t tend to produce to much these days when starting?
    So is Palma actually ready to produce what he did on numerous occasions earlier on in the season?
    Believe that we are actually in a position of saying Palma has to deliver as we aren’t in a position to carry passengers in our front line?
    We are going to have to depend upon 4 young attacking options, in there 1st season with the club, and all without experience with the pressure of the demands within the club?
    Even Forrest himself, hasn’t been used for many a season at this stage, especially when the stakes are so high as this season?
    These are the times that can make or break a Celtic career for these young inexperienced attacking options available to ourselves?
    Still believe Palma has the attitude to succeed, but better learn very quickly that Celtic is not all about him, especially if he is only interested in becoming a glory bhoy?
    So Palma and forrest would be my preferred options on the wide left for the remainder of the season, with Palma starting?
    Kuhn and yang upon the right with Kuhn starting.
    And kyogo ahead of idah through the centre?
    The worry still remains as to whether the attacking options available can and will deliver, especially when we haven’t got many other options if any injuries should occur?

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