Hakšabanović, joins Lagerbielke, Bernabei, and Oh as surplus to requirements

Hakšabanović like Lagerbielke, Bernabei, and Oh is clearly not wanted by Brendan. But moving them on will be an issue…

Sead Hakšabanović remember him? He will be heading back to Celtic in the summer after his loan club Stoke City announced that they have no plans to sign him permanently.

The Montenegro winger was signed by Ange Postecoglou nearly two years ago, and he looked the part despite not being a regular starter.

He has talent in abundance and is obviously a decent player, but inconsistency and questions over his attitude seem to have held him back from making his mark in Glasgow.

Those same problems seem to have followed him down south with the potters failing to be impressed by the Montenegro international. Alas them not wanting to make his move a permanent one.

That begs the question, will anyone be willing to take a chance on Sead, especially with the reported £2.2 million asking price?

Gustaf Lagerbielke scores for Celtic (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Along with the likes of OH, Gustaf Lagerbielke, and Alexandro Bernabei, Hakšabanović is player who cost Celtic decent money, not to mention being on a significant salary and a long term contract.

However he clearly isn’t rated by Brendan Rodgers and that is the most important consideration apart from money. It’s one thing wanting them to move on, it’s getting someone willing to take them – and pay a decent transfer – that’s the problem.

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  1. Think there is a good few names that could be added to the 4 that you named?
    Big Ben, Bain, Yuki, Mccarthy, kwon and Tilo spring automatically to mind, and that’s without knowing what the outcome upon Paulo, Idah and Vata, Mikey Johnston could be?
    And of course there is always a possibility for losing key players which is an annual event within the club also?
    What is becoming clearer is that Rodgers didn’t rate the overall look of the squad from last season, with the amount that left and Rodgers has discarded this season already?
    I know so much attention has been focused upon the recruitment, but personally I think that Rodgers only been able to get around 50% of there capabilites from key players within this current squad has been a bigger factor myself within this season of inconsistencies to date imo?
    The transition between Ange and Rodgers hasn’t went as smoothly as I was expecting, and certainly expected better than has been delivered to date?
    Yet moving on players that aren’t in the plans of a manager, has been an ongoing issue within the club for numerous years now?
    Even though there is value within the amount of players we are potentially looking to move out of the club?
    I don’t see a case for ourselves having to play hardball over getting fees either for them imo?
    But we are talking about a money grabbing Celtic board, that could potentially hold back the potential structure of this Celtic squad that Rodgers is trying to put in place, on the bigger picture imo?
    Still think that potentially another 7 players could be required to get to the overall squad that Rodgers would like to get to imo?
    So just how much room is available within the wage structure to add potentially another 7 players , when we already have so many upon a wage but no longer in the plans of the manager?
    Squad depth is becoming a bigger requirement now days with the ever increasing amount of games played for the bigger players, so game management with the amount of minutes they are used for, is becoming a bigger issue when the end of season increasing pressure arrives, to still keep a squad fairly fresh?
    Still think that we will possibly be in for the most money ever spent upon recruiting players during the summer imo?
    Would be perfect for ourselves if we can release up plenty of space within the wage budget by moving players on, instead of quibbling over fees for them, would be a far better way of prioritising where our ambitions should be, rather than stock piling cash within the bank imo?
    Even if it means buying out current contracts, which may cost a good few million to do so, along with potential hits on fees paid to bring unwanted players into the club?
    Would be possibly a better longer term plan than the one we have been operating upon for many a long year, with raising transfer fees with selling key players and hopefully getting lucky in the under 5M market?
    Can see the structure of the squad forming this season, yet the quality has been missing for long periods within it, which I didn’t expect to this degree imo?
    Yet we still need to start next season as a CL club, and then forming an overall squad to show that we are serious about becoming a worthy CL squad and staying there and making more of an impact at that level of football?
    Actually believe Rodgers and his 3 years plan, of what he hopes to achieve?
    Not overly confident that it will actually be made possible all the same imo?

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