Fair play, Tavernier post the funniest April Fool joke ever

James Tavernier the best right back to have graced the Scottish game? That was the funniest April Fool ever…

A recent post by a Rangers supporter on X made for very humorous reading on April Fools Day. Yes, most of them can tickle the ribs, but this one went the distance and had us doubled up with laughter.

Fishing expedition?

At first glance it could have been mistaken as a ‘fishing expedition’ or a prank as yesterday was of course April fools day, but this particular Bear posted his hilarious piece on the last day of March, and he fully believed his words. It was to use an old Glasgow expression, jen up.

The X user in question was a guy by the name of Scott Bradley. According to his bio Scott is a freelance journalist and football writer. Maybe he should consider a new career?

Spineless and weak

According to Scott Bradley, James Tavernier is the best right back to have graced the Scottish game. Yes he really did state that. Even more amusing is that an old post of his surfaced in which he criticised Tav, saying he wasn’t fit enough to be a the Rangers captain! Spineless and weak were some of the words he used to describe him!

The legend that is Danny McGrain

But now according to Scott he’s the best right back to have graced our game. The Rangers supporters are known for their wild opinions, but this one is surely the most wildest yet. Yip, Captain disappointed in Scott’s opinion is better than the legend that is Danny McGrain, Lisbon Lion Jim Craig, and even Rangers 1872 legend Sandy Jardine. Talk about sheer delusion.

Never mind those great players of the past, because in reality Tav wouldn’t even make it into a top five of right backs to have graced our game in recent times. Without a hint of bias you’d have internationals like Jackie McNamara, Mikel Lustig, Jeremie Frimpong and Andreas Hinkel ahead of Tavernier.

Or maybe not!

Perhaps even Alan Hutton of Rangers 1872 would be above Tavernier in the pecking order. Or maybe not! To say Tavernier is the best in his position in the history of the Scottish is the hands down the most deluded statement to come from a Rangers supporter, and that’s a hard task.

Scott could have saved face and declared it as an April Fools joke. It would have a been the funniest one yet, but to state it was serious makes him look the fool. Take a bow Scott Bradley you’ve outdone your fellow supporters, that’s quite the achievement!

Just an Ordinary Bhoy

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