Crawford Allan going out with a bang, Brother Beaton gets Glasgow Derby whistle

Brother Beaton confirmed for Ibrox, who would have thought? Well most of us…

John Beaton has been confirmed as the man in the middle for the powder keg Glasgow Derby at Ibrox on Sunday afternoon. Despite the phoney surprise coming from the media it was a sure thing and it came as no shock to us Celtic supporters.

Referee John Beaton Photo Malcolm Mackenzie PSI

It’s even more remarkable considering it’s been just four short weeks since Brendan Rodgers branded Beaton incompetent due to his ‘misjudged’ decision to award a penalty which went against the very rules of the game.

Yet here he is being handed a game with so much riding on the outcome. Do we believe for one minute if it was Willie Collum or Kevin Clancy who was deemed incompetent by anyone at theRangers, they would have been handed such a fixture shortly after? No would be the right answer. It’s been proven before.  Indeed following their outcry at the handball incident (that was offside) at the New Year, Willie Collum has not been given a Scottish Premiership match involving theRangers in 2024.  That’s a Crawford Allan call.

The Rangers already have the luxury of an entire crowd behind them and now they have been handed the advantage of an extra man in Beaton on the field and Nick Walsh on VAR.

That’s not ‘paranoia’ that’s a fact. It’s well known that Beaton has an affinity towards the Ibrox club. I myself as well as many others know for a fact that Beaton is a supporter of the Ibrox club. It’s not a secret.

In no other country would this be allowed to happen. Can you imagine the outrage if a Man United supporter was handed the task of officiating a vital title clash between United and Liverpool, or a Real Madrid supporter taking charge of an el Classico?

It wouldn’t happen as it’s wrong and unsporting. So why is allowed and accepted in this country? Celtic surely will call this out now. Silence from the Celtic Board this week is untenable. Mr Nicholson, with all due respect, enough is enough. Call it out.

Just an Ordinary Bhoy

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  1. No chance the board will call it out… After (Har)Don Robertson getting last week, this is a big 2 fingers to the Celtic board, who will do hee haw…

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