Clement serves Belgian waffle and the spineless SMSM laps it up

Clement talking yet more waffle all encouraged by the spineless SMSM

Philippe Clement had another mare in front of the cameras yesterday, not that you’d know as it went totally unchallenged by the SMSM.

The big Belgian reckons that his side should be applauded and not criticised as they have won four more points than Celtic over a five month period. Thats all well and good Phil, but Celtic have accumulated more points over an eight month period and that’s the most significant difference.

Yes the season started in August, not November when Phil arrived. We didn’t reset the league on account of the Belgian messiahs arrival. It’s a shame no one in the SMSM had the guts to state as such to the rambling Clement.

He also added that he thinks it’s unfair that his side have to play three away games, but others (Celtic) have only two to negotiate.

Well Philippe it’s quite simple really, blame the supercomputer that ‘randomly’ churned out a host of difficult away fixtures for Celtic, while your own side had the luxury of a chunk of home games for the first and third round of fixtures this season. That’s why you’ve not had to go to places like Pittodrie twice.

So in Phil’s opinion we should have an unbalanced season which would see his side play 20 home games while Celtic have only 19. Not only is it unfair to our side and supporters, it goes against sporting integrity, not that Phil was reminded of that fact by the spineless SMSM.

And after winning the recent 3-3 game against Celtic at Ibrox, Clement also reckons that his side won against Hearts last weekend in the Scottish Cup semi-final (correct) but Celtic could only draw against Aberdeen in the other semi-final.

Anyone know when the replay is?  This is well worth a listen.

Just an Ordinary Bhoy

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