Celtic Sports Day Challenge – Amy Gallacher

Amy Gallacher set the pace at Celtic’s recent Sports Day Challenge, competing against with fellow Celtic FC Women teammate Murphy Agnew plus Matt O’Riley and Liam Scales from the mens team. Who will come out on top and can Elena Sadiku’s players show Brendan’s Bhoys how it’s done?

Starting with Amy Gallacher

Let’s find out shall we, starting with Amy Gallacher, a leading candidate for the Celtic FC Women Player of the Year…but is she going to be any good at these challenges set by the club?

@celticfc PART 1/4: Can Amy Gallacher set the pace in our Sports Day Challenge! 🏅 #celtic #celticfc #footballtiktok #soccertiktok ♬ original sound – Celtic Football Club

Next up Matt O’Riley

Peter Brown

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