Celtic make One Football’s Champions League All-time Top Twenty Table

One Football, one of the biggest football app in the game globally, has published an up to date top twenty league table for the Champions League in its current format.

Are we the farmers?

The table takes into account all the results in the quarter finals that were concluded this week with Real Madrid, Paris St Germain, Dortmund and Bayern Munich reaching the semi-final leaving followers of the English Premier league asking themselves “are we the farmers?”

In the football bubble in Scotland we often hear that Celtic’s record in European football is terrible and that theRangers have been flying the flag for Scottish football with a few decent campaigns in the Europa League plus one memorable run to the final in the same competition on of UEFA’s second tier competition.

Only Scottish club has been Champions of Europe

However One Football’s focus is on the Champions League, which of course was formerly known as the European Cup. And of course you all know that Celtic is the only Scottish club (dead or alive) to have won the trophy to become Champions of Europe.

But One Football’s all-time top twenty UCL league table starts in the early 1990s when the new format was introduced and the competition’s name was changed. And at that time the now defunct Rangers FC was the leading club in Scottish football, winning nine titles in a row and in doing so gaining their route into the Champions League. To be brutally honest, Celtic were in a complete mess.

It took Celtic much longer

It certainly took Celtic much longer to even play in the new format of the Champions League never mind gain a place in the prestigious all-time top twenty.

So it may surprise some folk to learn that the Germany based One Football, which has no axe to grind for the Scottish game, has reported that there is just ONE Scottish club to have made the Top Twenty and that’s C-E-L-T-I-C!…winning a total of 211 points from 156 games.  

To be fair we’ve only scraped in, securing the 20th spot but it’s better than not being there at all. And PSV have just seven points more than Celtic but have played an additional 15 games!

Maybe it’s worth you grabbing this for future reference the next time you see them talking about how superior they have been in European football.

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