Brendan Rodgers relishing title run in – It’s what he thrives on

Brendan Rodgers is usually somewhat diplomatic in his post match interviews, but yesterday he was in a bullish mood as he used speech usually reserved for the dressing room when he roared ‘bring it on!’

Trophies at stake 

Brendan enthusiastically told the media pack “this is where we want to be, it’s in our hands. I really look forward to this period because it’s where Celtic come alive. There are five games to go with trophies at stake. There’s a Scottish cup at stake, so bring it on. I’d rather be the team with points in the bag at the top.

He went on to praise his players for their mental toughness at Ibrox last week and backed them to show their full potential in the run in ahead.

Well up for the fight

As well as being a confidence booster to his players, it’s a rallying war cry from the Irishman and shows that he is well up for the fight ahead. In fact I think that Brendan thrives in this sort of situation. The Derby games this season are testament to that. In all three games we’ve been written off, and yet we’ve got a result in each and every one.

Brendan is well up for the fight, and hopefully the players are too. Bring it on! This is when Celtic comes alive!

Just an Ordinary Bhoy

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