Ally McCoist walking away from Celtic’s visit to Ibrox on Sunday

Ally does indeed do walking away…

Showed his true colours

Ally McCoist has been in the news this week due to his controversial but largely unchallenged comments about the new hate legislation and its role in Sundays Glasgow Derby. His controversial take on the matter showed his true colours, well it didn’t come as a surprise to most of us, but it did take some by surprise.

According to Ally he himself along with 48,0000 others would be in breach of the new ‘hate’ legislation on Sunday afternoon. Ally didn’t think his words would cause that much of a controversy, and seemed to backtrack the very next day.

“People are accusing me of doing this and that”

Despite being scheduled to appear as a co-commentator on Sky Sports, McCoist now says he’s not attending the game after his ‘plans changed.’ how convenient eh? He also complained that “people are accusing me of doing this and that” and now plans to have a few days away with his family.

It was quite clear what Ally meant and that the hatred be planned to indulge in alongside the rest of theRangers support at Ibrox would be religious hatred aimed at Roman Catholics . He was clearly intent on offending a certain group in society so if we’re wrong perhaps he’ll clarify? Maybe if he could explain his comments, or was pressed by the media to do so, then we could perhaps clear the matter up once and for all.

But unsurprisingly there’s been a lack of enthusiasm from the incompetent SMSM, and even the more ‘impartial’ media down south have been rather silent on the subject.

Can you imagine if Neil Lennon said that?

Can you imagine the Glasgow Derby was at Celtic Park this weekend and it was Neil Lennon who said that?  One thing is certain the Scottish media, especially BBC Scotland, would have been all over it, all week and Lennon would be getting hounded.

BBC Scotland’s Tom English has said nothing

Just at the weekend BBC Scotland’s Tom English, as we reported on Celtic Shorts, had plenty to say about Celtic supporters songs commemorating the Easter Rising in 1916 on Easter Sunday at the game against Livingston.  What has English said about McCoist’s comments this week and what will he say about their 50,000 voices of hatred this weekend? The answer is probably nothing.  (Sound of soup slurping in the background).

So despite what theRangers support believes, Ally McCoist, as we already know, really does do walking away….

Just an Ordinary Bhoy

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